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Would I be a bad person if I didn't do anything about this?

Asked by Cindy1302 (629points) 2 weeks ago

My friend lives with her sister and she said her sisters dog licks itself a lot and moans while it’s licking. I asked my friend to ask her sister if she could take the dog to the vet because those are signs of an infection. All she said was “yeah my sister knows” whatever that means. Would I be a bad person if I left it at that?

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Not your dog ! !

Take carry of yourself.

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No. I recommend choosing your battles, or you will keep rubbing yourself raw from stress. Like I did in my school years. I had a breakdown from putting all of my problems as an “A” priority.

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I’m with @janbb.

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Knock this shit off.


You would not be a bad person. What the fuck can you do about someone else’s dog? Forcibly take it to the vet yourself??

You do not seem like a bad person. You seem like someone with severe anxiety/someone who is insecure.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Other people’s issues are not your own and you are not a bad person for not making them your issue.

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I’m not saying anymore on this matter after this comment because I know you won’t listen nor will you even read this one.

But I’ll say it anyways.

You are a human. Humans aren’t automatically bad people over small shit like this, or over small meaningless mistakes.




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You probably are fine, as @SergeantQueen says. Maybe not. I’m starting to doubt if any of these stories are real. “Think before you post” might be good advice. (In other words, “Knock this shit off.”)

Or else just get an “I’m a bad person” T-shirt and let it go at that.

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Would a “good person” ask this question?

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I think most of you are not seeing the real pattern

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^^ I think we are.

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Wow. Everyone is so mean.

Worrying about doing the right thing is something we lack all too much in the United States of America. The OP is obviously very empathetic and cares about doing the right thing.

@Cindy1302 I wouldn’t do anything more, you already said something, hopefully soon they will take care of it for the dog.

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@Cindy1302 You might want to explore the possibility that you are manifesting the behaviors of Responsibility OCD, and look into diagnosis and treatment of same. Your questions indicate a huge amount of distress with these issues.

Please consider getting some help with this.

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It seems obvious to me that the dog needs to be seen by a vet.

The problem may be easily treated once diagnosed but that can only be done by a vet.

The dog also appears to be in a great deal of discomfort and quite possibly pain.

There are laws protecting animals and if the owner will not take action to have their pet examined and treated it can be classed as neglect and/or cruelty. If so the owner can be taken to court and heavily fined or be given a prison sentence or both. The owner is also likely to have the animal removed from their care.

If the owner really loved the dog she would not want to see it suffering and would get a vet to look at it.

She should be told that not caring for the dog properly is a criminal offence and she could be charged.

If she still won’t get the dog to a vet then she should be reported to the ASPCA (or in the UK the RSPCA). She could also be reported to the local animal shelter.

This can be done anonymously.

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@Cindy1302 You might want to not use “Am I a bad person…...”, Would I be a bad person….” as part of the questions. Some people say “Are you fishing for a compliment?” when they get asked “Do I look fat in this? etc. Ask “What do you think I should do, if .....ever happens again”

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