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Why is everyone talking like a pirate?

Asked by dean (1points) September 19th, 2008

September 19th, me hearties!

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Garr, Do ya not know me lad? arr. it be international talk like’a pirate day. Garr. ‘cus it be such a day full of merrymaking and grog we must celebrate with hearty jigs and bottles of rum. So me lad join me and many others in a day of acting and talkin’ like a pirate. Arr

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Yargh. This day be over soon, says I. Avast! I have not spoke like a pirate yet this day. Garr.

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Just thought I’d give us all the chance to shout and wave a parrot. PREPARE TO BE BOARDED!

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HaHAAAArrrrr lad, be you unknowing of the Piratical delights that be International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Shiver me timbers, such treachery be punishable.. BY MAKIN YE WALK THE PLANK! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Ye be wishin to surf over to and before ye be sharing Davey Jones’ locker matey!

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“Ye be sail’N amid a Scurvy savagery, it’d be smarts of ya to keep yer langy-loving tongue w’Ere it belong, and not be sassing a Cap’N.” LOL

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Íts gentleman o’ fortune appreciation tide stupid. Ya scurvy dog!

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today be talk like a “ye olde pirate pillaging towns n’ stuff” day you landlubber

Good thing I have phlegm in me throat arrrrg

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Me not so good at this talkin’ like a pirate but I will be givin’ it a try all the day long maties.

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Me rum is missing…who stole me rum! I’ll be sailing the seas looking for me rum…

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cak check it out! It is a web site that translates anything you want into pirate talk!
Have fun!

Aye, come on o’er and check it out Gar.

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I thought Christopher‘s suggestion intriguing.

And I found where it is specifically:

After accepting the application, you select your language as “English (Pirate)”. Then your facebook pages will all be labeled in pirate. For example, the “Log out” link is now “Abandon ship”.

Thanks, @Christopher!

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Heh… sorry, last post, me buckos. Just thought you’d like a taste of what Facebook a la Pirate be lookin’ like.

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Arrr, thank you Aye.

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Aye, no talk like Pirate talk!

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Arrrr mateys. So ye all be knowin’ the ol’ Pirate joke which goes,

“What’s a Pirate’s Favorite letter?” Avast, the answer be “R” (arrrrrrr)

So, ye scallywags, this be one of my 7 year old buccaneer’s favorite jokes.

So me mateys, I decided to turn ye plank on the lad.

I asked me first mate, “What’s a dumb pirate’s favorite letter?” Of course the landlubber answered “arrrrr”. But I told ‘im he be wrong me boy, for the correct answer be “Q” (quooooooooooo).

Me lad had a good laugh at that one ‘e did, but ahoy the next day, he be turnin’ the plank on me.

Me little buccaneer asks me, “What’s a dumb pirate’s favorite letter.”

Lo I remember asking the little landlubber this very question nary a day before, so I give ‘im the reply, “quooooo”.

Avast, ‘e outsmarted me ‘e did, when ‘e said “no, sevennnnnnnnn”

Laughed so hard, almost made mead shoot out me nose and into me eyesocket.


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