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What is a weather like in your town?

Asked by grabarz (1points) September 19th, 2008

Just write the name of town and describe the weather in one sentence

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Hobart, Windy (as per usual for Spring)

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McMurdo: 10 degrees F (-12.2C), 20 mph winds (gusting to 40 mph) and blowing snow.

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Calm, cool and still to early to tell!

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Congleton (South of Manchester), UK: Nice and sunny for a change – 16C

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And what is your time damien? Mine is 6:15 AM.

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Les ~ WOW! That is nasty!

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Los Angeles, California, USA: PERFECT (High 85 °F and Low 60°F)

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Quito, Ecuador – What can I say, there is no better place on earth (I mean it, we have the perfect weather becuase we are in the middle of this place)
Today is sunny and windy, no clouds in the sky, I can see 3 volcanoes from my window, its blue and beautiful outside!

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flameboi ~ it sounds beautiful!

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San Antonio, TX—about 70 and sunny with a cool breeze (for now anyway).

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@Les, are you in the 300 Club? I find the whole Antarctica thing incredibly fascinating.

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85 and sunny today. Bakersfield, CA. It’s supposed to get down to 75 by 11:00 tonight.

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Well, Google says it is 56 degrees and Cloudy, but I can see nothing but blue skies out my window.

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It is! and everything is so close, 4 hour drive you hit the jungle, 4 hour drive you hit the beach, 2 hour drive you hit the highlands, a short flight and you hit Galapagos

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stoke up the bbq, well all be there within 6–12 hours.

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Oh my word! I want to live there! You must feel awesome everyday. Sounds like you never get depressed looking outside, like we do!

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Spencertown, NY-sunny, 60’s, two adult and 8 teen-aged wild turkeys walking around my field. Grass still needs cutting but the maples are starting to turn red and the Canada geese flying in formation. Blue sky,a few small cumulus clouds, jeans and hoodie weather. Happiness. (six sentence fragments = one sentence.)

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@Mugsi & Judi
You can come whenever you want :) it is very nice ‘round here :)

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I am going to go and find out how long it will take me to get there LOL!

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Sunny horizons for days in Los Angeles, CA! Walked my daughter to school this morning and am home, drinking a cup of coffee.

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Red Lion: Freeze your butt off cold in the morning!

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i came here with the intent of mentioning the weather where I live. But now I realize it doesn’t matter. I am moving to where flameboi lives. can you tell i am envious? :)

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I’m packing to PnL!

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You are more than welcome whenever you want, you just need to tell me the flight # and how long you would like to stay :)

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You are too kind!

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@rob: Alas, I don’t think I have the nerve to do that. I also won’t be at the South Pole, regrettably. And it is windy again today!

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Martinsburg, West Virginia USA: Beautiful, early fall day. 70 degrees (F), cool breeze, white clouds.

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