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What movie or TV series is similar to your real school life?

Asked by freguarUK (348points) 1 month ago

I was like George McFly from Back to the future film trilogy. Others were like Biff and Marty. However, when I was as determined as possible to fight, no one touched me. And also my director was not a person in comparison with Mr. Strickland. It would be a great success to have such a friendly and honest director as Mr. Strickland. Teachers and some students were worse than in the rottenest cloaca, but still today this movie reminds.

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Not sure.
Probaly Danganronpa.

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Freaks and Geeks?

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My favorite episodes are about cheating in math and the episode where the gym teacher sleeps with Bill’s mother.

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In terms of anxiety and terror, I’d say Evil Dead meets Jaws.

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There is yet no movie or series that I’ve seen that comes even close. Like everyone else (I suppose), my experience was unique. In my case, it was that the formal aspects (learning for example) was a piece of cake. I was clueless of course as to what an extraordinary advantage this was, and worse, squandered the gift through merely acquiring the marks and recognition without a care in the world regarding the useful application of all that so called learning.

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My time in college was a lot like High Fidelity, but for art and design students. Swap out the record store for a Charette’s and art studio spaces.

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Don’t know about school days but Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure strikes a chord with me. As well as, Dude, Where’s my Car?

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Most movies about grade school are very, very off, in a great many ways.

I don’t think I have ever seen a film that was much at all like my actual grade school experiences. I’ve seen a few that I believed were somewhat like some other real grade school experiences. There was a good one about bullying . . . let’s see:

My Bodyguard (1980)

Another great film that was somewhat realistic-seeming, perhaps less so than My Bodyguard, but a great film, and actually mainly about kids that didn’t go to school, was:

Breaking Away (1979)

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@Zaku: I loved both those movies.

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Me too.

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The Wonder Years was very close to my middle school and high school. I was “a year ahead” of the kids in Wonder Years in school, so what they experienced in 7th grade, I experienced in 8th grade. And the kid sin the show got drivers licenses about the same age that I did.

So the whole show was like taking a trip back to my early teen years.

Add to that, I knew kids just like that in my own social group.

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Mean Girls

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Dazed and Confused.

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^^ I love that movie too.

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Weird Science

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I think that in many ways, not only school life, but also, in principle, as in movie The Last Pictures Show.

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