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In your opinion was the raid on Trump's home a political move by the Democrats, or the FBI looking for evidence of a crime?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21806points) 1 month ago

Just wondering your view.

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And remember the White house claims no knowledge of this raid.
But that won’t matter to some Fright wingers.

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As a political move it would be very stupid as it might well backfire. More likely it is the FBI looking for evidence of a crime. That is what the FBI does.

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Totally agree,thanks.^^

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My opinion is that they don’t want him to run in 2024 and don’t want to lose in this election and upcoming elections so they are trying to make him look bad. But it is backfiring.

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It was NOT a Democrat ploy!
The FBI is just doing it’s job.

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Pretty clearly the FBI. Even led by a Trump appointee, IIRC.

I’m surprised and disappointed it’s taken this long for investigations to go after him. I’d think the DOJ and security establishment would tend to have more than enough data to have taken him out on Jan 6, 2021, or even earlier, if there had been enough political will for that. Unfortunately, we’re in an oligarchy and the oligarchs are no doubt enjoying dragging out the sacrifice of Trump as a distraction from people talking about them.

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Can I plead the 5th?
I think the FBI is trying to get something on him that is gone or no longer exists. We’ll see

I’m less concerned about Trump than I am the comete undermining of our government by unprecedented radical moves like this one. Someone needs to provide a good reason and quick.

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Well, in a super case of whataboutism, what about the fact that FBI’s background check of Brett Kavanaugh before the confirmation hearings, was shown to be completely cursory.

This actually was a legally conducted search for documents that should have been sent to the National Archives.

It’s not a witch hunt if the laws were broken.

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FBI doing their job. Nothing more.

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Trump is toast – -

1) Jan 6th

2) DOJ stolen classified documents

3) Wire fraud and tax evasion in New York

Melania may have given FBI safe code in Florida.

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Yeah I heard that one as well^^
Well The FRight wingers will have a grand ole time spinning this one in their favor .

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Absolutely. What I find most telling is that Garland came out and unsealed the warrant, but didn’t actually discuss it, answer questions about it, or anything. This sounds like more FBI-manipulating-FISA-courts stuff. If they had a legitimate warrant for a specific crime, they could have had it open from the start, served it, and gone in to look for what they thought might be there. You wouldn’t need to expel the family from their home while you searched.

The secrecy and lack of transparency from the FBI and Merrick Garland indicate this was a fishing expedition. They created a crime to justify a warrant then went in looking for anything they could use against Trump.

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The family can’t be in the home while it’s being searched because the family members might be grabbing things and taking them or hiding them or flushing them while the search is being conducted.

Sealed indictments occur all the time, at least in the County I work in and the one I live in.

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@seawulf575 I’m pretty sure the warrant didn’t read, “We’re on a fishing expedition.”

There would be specific documents listed and Trump opened it for a FISHING expedition when he didn’t turn over the subpoena listed items earlier this year.

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@Tropical_Willie wulfie is complaining the FBI can be weaponized as a political tool, really is that what they were when investigating the email fiasco?

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@SQUEEKY2 Maybe he’s talking about when they rushed through the Brett Kavanaugh background check?

Or maybe it’s because the FBI director, Chris Wray, was appointed by Trump??

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@Tropical_Willie No, but the affidavit that was used to get the FISA warrant needs to be looked at. Remember, the ones they used to get the warrants to spy on Trump and his team were all lies to start with and the exact same FBI helped propagate those lies.

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@janbb “Maybe he’s talking about when they rushed through the Brett Kavanaugh background check?” Which one of the six they did are you referring to?

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@SQUEEKY2 ”...the FBI can be weaponized as a political tool, really is that what they were when investigating the email fiasco?” Why yes, they were. That is why they completely ignored all the evidence and created a clause to the law that didn’t exist so they could let Hillary off. That’s what you do when you work for the Democrats and hate Trump.

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“Remember, the ones they used to get the warrants to spy on Trump and his team were all lies to start with and the exact same FBI helped propagate those lies.“_

Sources please ! ! ! ! !

He got got caught with drawers around his ankles, what double-talk do think he’ll pull out next.

If the documents were de-classified the TS or SCI should have had a Magic Marker through that and a date with his initials ! If I remember classified document control.

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@seawulf575 You are amazing The Don Father can do no wrong in your eyes.
According to the news they (FBI) were looking for nuclear weapons documents, and if they were found your God could be facing espionage charges.
You should have fun spinning that in the Don Fathers favor.
Now enlighten us why did Trump remove these documents no matter what they were from the White house after he was no longer the president in the first place?

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@SQUEEKY2 North Korea’s Kim Jong Un comes to mind along with his golf friends in Saudi Arabia !

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@SQUEEKY2 I think you are trying to read more into what I’m saying than what is being said. I’m not saying Trump can do no wrong. But I AM saying the FBI CAN do wrong. I’m saying they have shown they are willing to lie and cheat to try creating a case against him. I’m saying they are completely corrupt and biased as can be seen by their performance when a Democrat is involved. They’ve had Hunter Biden’s laptop for a couple years now. Why haven’t they done anything with that? More and more evidence keeps coming out of the illegal actions by Hunter and likely Joe. But they aren’t doing anything with it. Supposed it was Don Jr’s laptop that had all the exact same stuff on it….pictures of him with a crack pipe, bragging about getting a gun after having issues with drug arrests, getting millions of dollars from Ukraine or China to do jobs for which he had no experience while daddy is POTUS and e-mails that show Trump knew about it all? Would you feel the FBI should be doing more to look into it? Of course you would…and rightfully so. But they are specifically NOT doing anything when it comes to Democrats and when they are left with no other option (such as with Hillary), they do an investigation, are handed TONS of evidence of wrongdoing, ignore it as long as they can and then come out with the statement that she was grossly negligent which quickly got changed to irresponsible. Why? Because the law specifically states that gross negligence is not an excuse.

Everything they have done for the past 6 years (and possibly longer) has been geared towards helping the Dems and trying to get rid of Trump since he wanted to shine the light on the Deep state, which the FBI is a part of.

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Trump is toast !

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@seawulf575 I know you think they should have handed Hunter, and Hillary the Death Penalty.
The head of the FBI was appointed by Trump a die hard republican, also the White house claimed to have no knowledge of this search of Trumps home, so how does that make them working for the democrats?
I believe if they could have nailed Hillary they would have.
Your God is guilty ,now we will see how guilty an espionage charge doesn’t sound good, but will will see,if he does beat it can we say the FBI were working for the Republicans?

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