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Do you like dark themes or light themes?

Asked by KRD (3514points) 1 month ago

Which theme it more your type?

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You’ll have to add more details to your question. No idea what you’re asking

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Dark themes are easier on my eyes.

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I prefer the light theme as for how everything looks; however, I find the dark theme is MUCH easier on my old eyeballs. So, for my eye health, I must choose the dark theme!!!

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Light, I’m dark enough naturally. :)

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You’re not dark @KNOWITALL. You’re red. JS

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NO matter your color @KNOWITALL , you’re PERFECT just like you are!!!

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Themes for what?
Computer/smartphone UI?

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@Dutchess_III @LadyMarissa I want to be dark and mysterious, dang it!! Several of my friends are, I can’t pull it off. Haha!

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^^ WHY would you want to screw with perfection??? Be happy to be who you are!!!

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@rebbel I think it’s the computer/smartphone that we are discussing. My cell phone initially offered the light/dark mode & I tried it. Dark mode cuts out a lot of the blue light which is not good for your eyes especially at night. I found that my eyes don’t get so tired with extended use of my devices. Next my computer apps started offering the dark themes, so I tried it & once again, it’s a LOT better for my eyes!!!

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Dark themes for my phone and laptop. Light themes for our home and my bedroom.

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@rebbel I’m saying for computer/smartphones.

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