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Do you trust your reflection in the mirror is accurate?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11832points) 2 months ago from iPhone

When you see yourself do you think it’s what you really look like, do you inspect your reflection for cosmetic adjustments, or what?

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I try to avoid looking at myself. Other than shaving or brushing my teeth.

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In my case I can’t tell you because whenever I go to look in the mirror to shave or something els my millors automatically turn around because I don’t think they can stand the sight of my face.

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Newborns eventually learn that what they see is themselves. They and we spend the rest
of our lives testing that theory. Keep looking.

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Hell NO…I see me when I was about 38 back when life was still fun!!! I AVOID mirrors at ALL costs & I definitely do NOT inspect the reflection in the mirror!!! I know I’m NO longer 38, but I definitely ENJOY that illusion!!!

I only have 2 mirrors in my house. One is a full length mirror in my guest room where I check my overall appearance before leaving home & where I see NOTHING otherwise. When looking in this mirror, I’m concentrating on my clothes…NOT the face. The other is the mirror over the bathroom sink where I can only see from my shoulders up. When combing my hair, I concentrate on my hair…NOT my face. When brushing my teeth, I concentrate on my teeth…NOT my face. When doing neither of those, I just don’t look in the mirror. As I said before, I KNOW I’m NOT 38, but the NOT facing reality has helped me continue feeling 38 on the inside & I’m afraid that IF I ever face the truth, my insides will fall apart from the shock!!!

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This is a question that I kinda wanted to ask but my answer may be worse. When I look in the mirror I see someone else (in a way) I feel that the person I see is NOT really me. I feel like I should look differently and I only recognize myself because that is who I’ve seen all my life. But that person in the mirror is not really me. I don’t know if this makes sense but that is how I feel.

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I have 10 mirrors that I review myself in. Each has various differences to ensure I can pass the muster of society.

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@RayaHope Let me be your mirror! I don’t have to look at you or meet you
to absolutely know that you a kind, compassionate, caring young women.

I can read your words and feel a fire and a spirit that will make you a force
to be reckoned with. It matters very little how you see yourself now.

What matters IS that you see behind the image, to what should be.

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@LadyMarissa My Lady M, I’m not sure why you said 38 but you come at me
with the vaguer and spice of your 38 y.o. self. And you respond to my flirtations
with your much younger self! Isn’t that what matters?

I will not change the way I respond to some posts and neither will you.
Because what we see is a small part of what we truly are.

Back to the battlefront!!!

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My grand father once showed me a picture of my grandmother in her teens.
That’s when they met, she is beautiful. This is how he sees her even now,
they are both in their 80s.

Magically I only see her that way now. Especially when smiles at the antics
of my grandfather. I slowly came to see how playful they are towards each other.
And so I wish you all to be blessed with that kind of love.

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@WhyNow Thank you for your profound statements and overabundance of praise I hope I can live up to. If I saw myself as you do I will be able to do GREAT things in life and for that I thank you :)

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@WhyNow I chose 38 much for the same reason your Grandparents chose their teens. It held the HAPPIEST memories of my life & I don’t want to lose that feeling!!! Looking in the mirror would most definitely shatter that illusion & I’m NOT ready to deal with that!!!

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