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What causes the pinprick holes on these t-shirts?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28681points) September 18th, 2022 from iPhone

I bought four t-shirts from the Gap store in varying colors and after being used and laundered several times, several tiny holes in front and at lower hem suddenly appeared. I think they will get bigger with each washing.

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Harsh detergents, poor manufacturing of the product ( poor quality).

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I have that issue with a lot of shirts. I think it may be caused by my pants, usually jeans, rubbing the shirt. Right above the button the material sticks out and is pretty tough as it’s double stitched. Anyway, that’s my guess.

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Perhaps the shirts were folded and pinned during shipment, leaving weak spots. It happens sometimes where the price tag is connected to the clothing item.

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Are they from the outlet or the actual Gap? Many times, things from outlets are inferior to thngs from the store itself.

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The things we love, including ourselves, simply wear out. Just a glance in the medicine cabinet or the a peek at the wife’s dressing table reminds me that life is from the outset simply a struggle to avoid or rather delay the dictates of the second law. We all know how THAT must turn out.

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^^The holes appeared after only a few months of being used.

@jca2 From the actual Gap store. It’s really weird since I had so many t-shirts of varying brands that had been worn and washed and washed and worn ( for years even ) but this is the first time I’ve seen this happened to t-shirts.

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I don’t shop at Gap anymore because their clothes are full price, but the quality is not what it should be. Who needs that?

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Poor quality material. Lightweight T-shirts will do this as the weave separates.

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Rivets, buttons, stiff fabrics on your slacks, and belt buckles. Also, leaning up against counters, or holding things against that area when you carry things, or your laptop pressing against the area, etc.

The fabrics are crap now. Lots of rayon and very thin.

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I would agree with @JLeslie and @chyna – rivets, buttons, and pants rubbing. If you worked with chemicals, they could be the cause too. A Chem major in my college dorm had little holes in his pant legs just below where his chem lab smock went to. Apparently, he dripped chemicals every now and then. The smock protected him only where it covered his clothes.

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Zippers on your pants not being zipped up when you wash them…if you wash the shirts with the pants. The little tab on the zipper has sharp edges that will put holes in your clothes.

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Good point. I usually when I wash jackets with metal zipper teeth.

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