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What's the best way to fold a t-shirt?

Asked by theichibun (2237points) August 1st, 2009

I’m looking for the best way to fold a t-shirt. Please take into account the amount of drawer space used when the shirt is all folded, the ease of the folding process, and the ability to see what shirt you’re grabbing out of the drawer.

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I really like this method. Quick and easy. Via youtube

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The method in the video @ctferrarajr posted is really easy, and the shirts lie really flat.

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Here it is, translated into English. I still failed.

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Stop in at any of the Big Box or Dept, stores or The Gap and ask a salesperson to show you the normal way…lay T flat, front down. fold sides together….hopeless to describe. Sorry.

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@gailcalled First, it just takes practice to get the method down and second I believe you are trying to describe this

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@ctferrarajr That is undoubtedly the supreme method for folding t-shirts. Nothing really gets more efficient.

If space was not an issue though, I’d make one of these.

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@reactor5, that is truly an amazing find. Lurve granted.
I may have to make one of these in the next month. (I have a tendency to take clothes out of the dryer, say “I’ll fold them later” and then the next week I need a shirt and go “aw it’s all wrinkled”).

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I roll them, then there are no creases when you put them on and it is easy to get to them, no struggling to get to the one on the bottom.

I didn’t look at the links so I hope I am being repetitious!

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@ctferrarajr: MY method requires a t-shirt, a flat surface and two hands only.

@reactor5: That gadget will guarantee that all those t’s will have a little sticking-up point at each shoulder. This is the reason for folding and not using hangers,

(For the youngsters, ask or call your mom.)

And I have more-than-enough unused doo-dads.

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Normally you’d fold a tshirt two times, well just fold it once thus you just fold your clothes like normally but just with one fold so it’ll be flatter.

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I prefer rolling mine. You have to be careful to not roll them in a way that creates wrinkles, but its entirely possible. And they take up FAR less space. :) You start by laying it face down on a flat surface, folding a third of it (legnthwise) into itself and then flipping the sleeve back over and then repeating on the other side. Then start from the bottom and carefully roll up, not smooshing the fabric together and you have a rolled shirt that fits better into drawers, bags, anything. If course if its something like your gym clothes and you don’t care about wrinkles, just roll away and don’t worry about the smoosh!

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I would recommend you guys to try the Malaysian Mathod (not the same as the Japanese method)
here’s the demo:

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