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What is the cheapest way to transport a car when moving?

Asked by trishgirl52 (166points) 2 weeks ago

I will be relocating soon once my house is sold. I do not want to put bunch of miles on my car. It is a long distance and I will probably be flying myself. I need to get possibly 2 cars down. It is a 13 hour drive down to the new location.

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You are asking for the cheapest method OTHER than driving. 1300 miles is next to nothing regarding the depreciation of a vehicle. As far as that goes, you were screwed the minute you left the dealership. There are of course transport companies and even household moving companies that will truck your cars to your new location. But rest assured, you will pay through the nose for the convenience.

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There are driveaway firms all over the country. Call them, get a quote from them. They bring a car-carrier truck to your home, put the vehicle on the truck, and drive it.

They act like moving companies- they try and schedule full trucks, so you may need to wait a couple of days to receive it on the other end. Main point: they are insured and pretty trustworthy.

All other alternatives are based on someone driving your car and putting miles on it.

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Unless your cars are quite expensive with low mileage, 1,300 miles is pretty minor. I’d hire someone to drive them.

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My son contracted a few times to drive a car across the country for people. If you can find someone you trust, you can pay them minimally to drive it for you. As others have said, that would put miles on your car.

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Ask and you receive three quotes zip code to zip code ! I had a friend that bought a car on the interweb, it was a collector car, it cost his $1500 Colorado to East Coast.

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I did the maths and a 13-hour drive should be around 600 miles more or less depending on how fast you are driving and at what speed you average with fuel stops and bathroom breaks. But to answer your question…no idea :(

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I saw a picture of someone putting a car in a Uhaul box truck and stuffing all their belongings inside and around the car. They only had to drive the Uhaul one way . That seemed really efficient to me.
(The car was winched up and down a ramp.)

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Get a friend to drive it for you. There is not a reasonable way. I moved from one coast to the other and in the end, I drove it myself.

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Thank you. I have received some quotes and they are all way too high.

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what will you do?

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@LuckyGuy – when I moved up to the Bay Area my company moved our stuff and my wife’s car that way thru a mover and their tractor-trailer.

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