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Yes, zero hesitation. Worst-case scenario you have an amazing obituary.

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Hell to the no. Nothing there anyway. Mars, possibly.

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Can I come back, or this one way only?

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^^ Haha, You @elbanditoroso have to stay. We’ll come back and get you in a couple years :)

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Not if it is underlaid with this song

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I get motion sickness, so no.

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I don’t even like to fly from San Jose to LA. So thanks, but I’ll yield my seat to a fearless youngster.

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@ragingloli Nope NOT that this is MUCH better. Then you will have to watch the whole movie.

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No, not unless it was a zero-environmental-impact flight being offered by beings with technology far superior, safer, and more comfortable than what humans currently have.

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Yes, just not on that flight. I’ll let other folks be the guinea pigs for the first dozen launches.

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Too dangerous. Too many things can go wrong. Too much radiation. Too long to be with little or no gravity.

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That depends… What is the in flight movie?

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No, I’m a little afraid of heights.

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@WhyNow FF7 remake and Advent Children.

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Ha, I used to take the MIDI files that came with the 1998 PC release of the original FF7, and run them through a synthesiser program, to try to make my own mixes of the music.

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@ragingloli The music is so COOL! The whole story is so amazing. I found a copy of the old original version and played it so many times I LOVE it :)

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^^ What’s FF7?

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@smudges It’s a fantasy video game made way back in the 90’s but there are great remakes.

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^^ Thanks!

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