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What disciplines or treatments have been debunked? Or discontinued?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21416points) 2 months ago

Like phrenology, and conversion treatment? trepanning? Forced sterilizations?

What would you like to see debunked? Like Intelligence testing, or locking students with behavior problems into cells for hours? Also exorcisms?

Share your beliefs, and stories.

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Focal theory of infection
Anything Mr Oz ever said, about anything, ever
Conversion therapy
Snake Oil
Vinegar enemas

I’d like to see the end of the Iceland aborting every fetus with down syndrome, but that’s just me.

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@Smashley Bloodletting is still a therapy for hemachromatosis. Just FYI.

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Miracle Mineral Solution

It’s rather sad that (essentially) drinking bleach even needs to be debunked.

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Intercessory prayer, i.e. praying for someone to have a good surgical outcome.

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That beating your child is love and any form of positivity is encouraging entitlement. I get that no one wants an entitled child, but physical violence and no positive encouragement is damaging to a child’s psychological development. Trauma is a real thing and learning to live in fear isn’t a good way to grow up. Not to mention a child growing up in a violent environment can become a violent person themselves.

It is even more baffling that many people is surprised how children retaliate in violent behavior after being physically abused. If it’s the parents that do the physical violence that’s love and necessary discipline, but if it’s the child that’s unacceptable. I can never get that logic.

I saw a bag the other day that had a short sentence that read “physical violence =/= love”. It’s sad how many people have to have the message literally written to them like that to get it.

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Regression or lost “memory” therapy.

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Ouija séances and fortune telling.

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~ @Forever_Free What does it mean when the palm reader screams and runs of the building after looking at one’s palms?

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Chelation therapy for anything other than metal poisoning
Most things chiropractors do like “applied kinesiology”
magnetic healing
Electromagnetic sensitivity

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@RedDeerGuy1 That you haven’t shaved your palms in awhile.

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Alternative medicine

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The superiority complex of Western medicine.

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Foot binding.

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Ether theory of light travel
Phlogiston theory of combustion
Divining rods

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Female Genital Mutilation

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I’ll go along with @Mimishu1995 – specifically, spanking. If spanking doesn’t work as a behavior modifier, which is what parents are looking for, then it’s abuse and punishment.

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