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Why is it that drains at the bottom of swimming pools are so scary?

Asked by ava (977points) September 20th, 2008

Lets admit it, we are all scared of swimming pool drains….but why? I’m am scared that an abyss shark is going to come out of the drain and eat me. But why are you scared of drains in swimming pools?

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I’m not scared of swimming pool drains, I’m afraid of hot tub drains. My mom used to tell me this story about a kid who drowned because her hair got caught in the drain of her parent’s hot tub. I’ve been weary of them ever since.

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because if you remove the cover on the drain then it begins to suck you in. Generally someone’s arm or leg gets sucked and they can’t release themself. This happens more often than you would think.

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Hahaha! I think the same thing about the huge shark that is some how going to squeeze through the drain….I know it’s stupid but as soon as I get in the water I start thinking something is going to get me.

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@Ava, Cheeb: I’m the exact same way. The idea of the deep abyss really freaks me out, and I’m absolutely terrified of sharks. Must be an evolutionary adaption or something. To be afraid of the environments you’re least suited too, that is.

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because that is where the Baby Ruth is.

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because they can suck you in and then eat you.

I heard a story once how a person sat on one and it sucked their insides out thru the butt.

Yep, they can eat your insides.

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There are good reasons to worry.

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@ Harp…see I knew I didn’t dream that. Thanks. And eww!

This is yet another reason I don’t go near water, except to sit on a beach or shower.

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Yeah, Google “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk.

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Dear lord, Kevbo, that’s really not going to set aside anyone’s fears now is it?
<3 Palahniuk.

That story is very real. I grew up in Florida and they have laws now about what kind of drain covers are permitted in public pools because so many children were being turned inside out. =O

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I wasn’t afraid before.
But I am now. Gah.

Question: Reason why I am afraid of the drains at the bottom of swimming pools?
Answer: I read this really scary Fluther thread.

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@Nimis: I’ve with you! I wasn’t really afraid of them (I keep my hair far away), but now… shudder

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Yeah, when I was a lifeguard we were told to always have scissors at the ready in case someone’s hair got stuck in the drain and they couldn’t get back up. Another reason why it’s good to wear your hair in a ponytail in the pool. Or use one of those swimming caps with the little flower attachments.

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@Emily: If it came down to dying or ripping my hair out to get to the surface I’d rip my effing hair out long before you could reach me. I’m more concerned with my colon being yanked out, personally.

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Hair < innards. Very true.
However, I do have this wood shop horror story…

When we were doing our shop orientation, the lady emphasized two points:
- Follow the rules.
- If you get injured, let someone know.
They both seem pretty common sense enough, right?. Not true.

A few years back, there had been an incident with a girl that neglected both of those rules.
The first rule she failed to comply with was to tie her hair back.
You see where this is going, right?

As she was working, she leaned down and one of the machines caught her hair

The logical response would have been to seek immediate medical attention.
Instead, her fight-or-flight response kicked in and she took off running.
The lady who ran the shop tried to run after her.
But the girl was young probably pumped up on adrenaline
and the lady was middle-aged not up to chasing her down multiple flights of stairs.

Eventually they followed (I am not making this shit up!) a little trail of blood
to an empty classroom and found her cowering in the corner.

Follow the rules in wood shop if you enjoy having an intact scalp.

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@Nimis I always think I can look away from thinks that start with ”***** horror story” but they’re always too awesome to pass up.

I like how an empty classroom ended up being her ‘happy place’.

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Asm: The classroom…ah, it’s like a womb that charges you tuition.

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@Nimis: You sir, are made of win. ;-)

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I think I just got chills reading Nimis’ story.

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Thank’s Harp!
Well, there will be 1 less death by drowning, disembowelment, limb detachment and or otherwise. No more swimming for me. Geez, I’ll even save on $$, I won’t have to buy a swimsuit. Which has lead me to my next question…

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did anyone watch rugrats? well chuckie was afraid of the TUB drains, but i think it’s more or less the same idea.

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I hate drains in particular, but mostly shower drains after seeing Pennywise the clown come out of one in the movie IT. That was very creepy.

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Not sure about you but really big spiders usually collect at the drain in the bottom of my pool and I have to go clean them out by diving in and gathering them up.

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The law in California requires that all pools must be equipped with the new drain covers that prevent the type of thing that is reported above. We had our drain changed right after we moved into our house, and now, you cannot even sell a house with the old type of drain.

The new drain cover looks like a frizbee sitting on the bottom of the pool and is not scary or dangerous.

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