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Have you ever been banned from a person, place or thing?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) September 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Were you 86 from bar or nightclub? Were you ever told you weren’t allowed to see someone? Did you stop seeing that person? Tell me about it…

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My parents tried to barr me from seeing my high school boyfriend—emphasis on the tried. Eventually they gave up. It was this whole big ordeal; I ran away multiple times; I didn’t go to school. Finally they decided it was more important for me to be at home and in school, and they conceded.

I don’t regret it. I loved him, and we were together for about 6 years. In retrospect I realize I didn’t make the best decisions, but I am who I am now because it, and I’m okay with that.

Other than that, no, never. Underneath it all, I’m really just a good girl.

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Problem: My mum once hid all my shoes and refused to give me money to stop me from going out.
Solution:.......I stole my brother’s shoes and brought 2 bags of empty bottles to the shop for the deposit..

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Tiny, if my memory serves me correctly, my dad told my almost boyfriend, he’d break his other hand if he do such as lifted a finger to touch me…

Ahhhhb. Wild, Now, that I would have love to have seen! My older brother had the coolest pair of Vans, I would wear, it didn’t matter that they wear 3 sizes to big.,,

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@sccrowell…you aren’t trying to tell me something, are you? I trust there is no current personal significance to your question. I’m tiring and would like to go to bed. I may, right? I love you…wtf
I hope I haven’t done something stupid again

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I have been banned from a few places… answers (does that count?)......and I was banned from 3 homes when I was younger, because of former friends getting in trouble and blaming what they had done, on me. I guess they thought that they would get lighter punishment from their parents….

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i was banned from for insulting a moderator that was on a power trip.
I was in a ‘time out’ for 2 weeks. It was pretty funny.
I’m usually right on the edge, pushing the limits, but not enough to cause too much drama.
It takes a lot for me to get bitchy AT someone.

My daughter’s best friend’s parents banned him from me and my house because they think
I’m a ‘devil-worshiper’. Those same parents kicked said friend out while he was still in high chool because he insisted on ‘being gay’. He came to live with us. I’d like to mention his parents are ‘strict Catholics’ and he’s on of the sweetest kids I know. He’s almost 19 now and living on his own, going to college, and has very little contact with his parents.

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A friend and I got banned from a roller coaster at Sea World because we gave the coaster camera a good ‘ol California Howdy! I think we were in 8th grade…man that was a long time ago!

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I got banned from Chorus Class (which was exactly what I wanted) at age 13, after I loudly referred to the bitch leading it, as a “c-word” (rhymes with “runt”).

I did so, using the microphone in the cafeteria, so my insult would be heard over the PA system.

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@dead, you did a good thing with you daughters friend, I’m sorry that his parent can’t or won’t accept him! My very closes friend is gay, and I care very deeply about him and his partner.

@thetmle, have you ever gone back?

@jack, I definitely believe you got your point accross. Loud and Clear!! So, what class did you take after getting kicked out of Chorus?

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My ex-gf banned me from interacting with her daughter. (She started dance classes thanks to me at the dance company where I was a board member & volunteer.)

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@sccrowell: I was banished to study hall for the remainder of that class. I also got a failing grade for the class, which I would have gotten, had I remained in that class.

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Hey cheeb, Now I know exactly what you’re saying. What’s worse, is it didn’t stop with their parents. It continued with their spouses. My so called friends thought it was funny! Not I!

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Kev, that is just plain meaness and very childish on her part. To say nothing of how hurtful it probably was for the child and you. Women can be such bitches, present company excluded!

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She (my ex-gf) was definitely a circle the wagons and poison the well kind of person. Big part of why I left. Thanks, sccrowell.

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My step-brother and I got banned from this strip mall near our apartment. I was 13, he was about 11. This was my juvenile delinquent stage, and I was the ringleader. We’d walked to the mall, as we always did, only this time, I noticed a big light switch-type switch on the side of the building. I had to flip the switch, don’t ask me why.

We wandered around for a while and I totally forgot about the switch until we were walking back towards home. A guy with a toolbox came around the corner just as we got there. I was reminded I’d flipped the switch, so I ran over to look to see if that’s what the guy was “fixing”. Bad idea.. the guy saw us duck around the corner, and followed, then came the manager of the laundromat whose power I’d just shut off for about half an hour. Oops.

They chased us. They managed to grab Jeff, but I evaded and then booked it home. By the time I was driven back with my step-mom, the cops were there questioning Jeff. Yeah, we were in big trouble. They told us we were 86’d and were never to come back to the strip mall.

It didn’t stop us, though. :P

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I wonder how/why a single lightswitch fixture could have darkened the entire laundromat, and why someone connected with that place, didn’t check the same switch, to see if it had been thrown?

Usually a switch that can do that, is part of a circuitbreaker box.

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Well, you’d think. I’m assuming the power went off, they called the maintenance guy, he went to “fix” the problem, found the flipped switch, and flipped it back. Only our timing was really bad and I got caught checking it.

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I and some of my juvenile delinquent friends got 86’d from a movie theater, once (and only “once”).

One of the things we enjoyed doing, was something I thunk up, totally on my own.

We would go to the movies every Saturday (double features were 75ยข back then) for 4 hours, and usually, a monster (horror) flick was playing.

We would sit in the front row of the balcony section.

One day, I brought along three cans of opened Campbell’s Vegetable Soup and handed one can to each of my two buddies, seated on either side of me. (I think all of us were around 10 years old, at the time.)

When they looked at me with puzzled expressions on their faces (as they were being handed the open soup cans), I said, “Just follow my lead. When a really gross scene shows up on the screen, just make a puking sound, then pour the contents of your can, over the railing.”

Sure enough, a really horrible scene showed up on the screen, where the monster is being disembowled by the hero, so, as I nodded my head, the three of us made retching noises (resembling someone vomiting) then poured the contents of our soup cans on the hapless folks seated below us.

As we heard thundering footsteps heading up the stairs towards us, we tried to make a run for it, but alas, we were caught.

That was almost 50 years ago, and from what I have been told, the sanctions against us should be lifted, sometime next Tuesday.

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I got banned from my high school.

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As we were lining up to board a flight, the pilot was walking by and overheard my sister threatening to kill me. And by overheard, I mean that she was yelling at the top of her lungs.

Long story short, we got booted off the flight.

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losers answer reminded that I was banned from my English class in the the 8th grade. There were only 2–3 months of school left when it happened, and the school didn’t even want to assign me to a different English class, so I had to sit in the detention room everyday for 2nd period.

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A friend of mine banned me from sleeping with her husband.

So I didn’t.

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Removed because she answered her own question.

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loser, do I dare ask why you were banned?

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nimis, did you ever make it to were you were going?

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Scc: Eventually, yes.
After running around with the airport police (is there another name for that?) all night.
The airport seems a lot bigger when you’re looking for your crazy sister.
The chief of police was really kind. Invited me to stay with his family.
And even emailed to ask how we were doing years after the incident.

Hmmm…probably should have added this anecdote to this thread.

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There’s still time to do so.

The moderators haven’t deleted that question, yet.

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JackA: Haha…I think I’ve already written half the responses on it though.
Plus I’m a lazy bastard.

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I got banned from cricket wireless store for talking too loud on my phone. When asked to be quiet, I reminded them this was a cell phone store and the network sucks and is hard to hear on it. So now I have att and iphone

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Great phone, suckie camera unless you download this app QuickShot.

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@ Skabeep, I apologize… I didn’t mean to NOT write your name. When I responded…

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PeTA banned me for life from their web site.

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