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How do you decide when to award GAs to your questions?

Asked by janbb (62071points) September 29th, 2022

Do you award them liberally to most people who take the time to answer your questions? Do you only award them to answers that you consider really special or only to those you agree with?

Do you have some philosophy by which you do or don’t award GAs?

And yes, to the nasty naysayers, we know they don’t mean shit but it’s nice to feel appreciated anyway.

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I give GAs to all that answer my questions. I appreciate that they take the time to read and answer. It costs nothing.

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I try to award to every person who takes the time to bother to post on my Q, unless the post is snarky and asinine.
They took the time.
That matters.

And yes, silly me, it annoys me when veteran jellies don’t bother.

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@canidmajor Even if you know it doesn’t accrue to your lurve, right?

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@janbb Most have maxed out on me already, I don’t worry about the number going up, I just like it when people let me know they like my posts, or at least read them.

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I was honestly thinking about this question this morning. I was thinking about the last part of your details. No, lurve doesn’t mean anything. I rarely look at my score, but there are some questions that I work hard at answering, and the number of GAs I get hopefully reflects that. I don’t care if they are marks from jellies who long ago maxed out on me meaning they don’t add to my score. I don’t care if I only have the chance of getting points from the first 5 GAs. If I work hard on an answer, and it gets 7 or 8 GAs, I’m thrilled! When I get 10, I feel chuffed.

The majority of my interaction on here is on the mobile site, so I don’t see the tickers. I don’t have a running view of what’s accumulating GAs.

To reiterate, lurve is ultimately meaningless, but I like getting GAs.

Now, to answer the title question. I have standards. I want to see that the jelly has read the whole question. I give GAs to people who write what I feel are great answers.

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I usually GA any comment that takes the time to answer my question.

I GA answers I agree with. But also GA answers I don’t necessarily agree with, but they may have brought up a good point.

When I first joined, I only GA’s the really great answers. Because it was a tool for pulling up the best answers.

Now I feel like lurve has taken on more of a social function.

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I don’t have any hard and fast rules or a special philosophy about it. I will give a GA to an answer which I think brings out a point that was really clever, or a point I hadn’t thought of. Sometimes I don’t award a GA, just because I’m reading the thread quickly.

I try not to use it as a popularity contest for Jellies I like.

If an answer is too detailed, where it’s mired in details, I may deliberately not give it a GA because I feel like the person’s brain is tied in a knot, and I don’t have time for it.

I don’t pay attention to my lurve score, but I will notice and appreciate when I get a lot of lurve for a certain answer. With the amount of Jellies at such a low number, if I get three or four lurve on an answer, I feel like that’s a good portion of Jellies who liked what I wrote.

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Since the beginning of me being here I only care for my own answers.
Hence I’m always trying to GA them, but to no avail.

I’m with @chyna.

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@rebbel Did you just GA yourself?

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I feel sorry for those who answer and get no lurve, so I give it. Just want everyone to feel valued and appreciated.

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Only when my finger slips…

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Under normal situations, I give GA’s to those who stay on topic and really have reasonable answers.

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Honestly I never really pay much attention to them. I’ll give a GA if the answer really amuses me. But I don’t really care about GAs on my answers as I don’t care about the points.

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Anything and everything anti-trump I wish I can give a million great answers to.

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