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Do you have HOPE for the future?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) September 29th, 2022

Will we stop or slow global climate change, eliminate covid-19? Be able to survive and thrive? Will your children and grandchildren be able to grow and achieve their best life?

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We will never stop climate change. There are too many people who aren’t doing enough. Or anything.
I have no children, and am very thankful for that.

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^^ ditto

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I have hope for my future, probably even yours and maybe your children’s. Few more generations down the road though…not so much.

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There’s hope in my head that a better future awaits humanity…though once in a while I tend not to take what I think seriously.

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The super rich are building secure luxury bunkers to survive a hot Earth climate.

A lot of the climate change models and projections give rather abstract information. Numbers plotted on a graph. Lines zig-zagging up diagonally. Single digit increases in average global temperatures. Sea level rises measured in centimeters.

When we ask what these things really mean, we can only go by conjecture. We know it’ll mean major ecological disruption, various tipping points, some parts of the world being uninhabitable during summer months.

It might mean an end to human civilisation and thousands years of technological progress.

I don’t want and won’t have any children. I’ve honestly no hope for humans. We’re a stupid parochial species, and our brains are not evolved to handle the very complexities we’ve created for ourselves.

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I have some hope, but not much confidence. I see way too much stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness, and way too little serious action to avoid the climate change and extinction crises.

I think it’s very likely that there will be disastrous climate change, and unprecedented economic change, and a disastrous biodiversity crisis, and massive amounts of human death and suffering, and all humans may very well die out (probably due to catastrophic climate change).

But I think we have a chance. We need to have several thought revolutions, and the sooner the better. The longer people cling to their old ways of thinking about the world, the worse the disasters will be.

“Will your children and grandchildren be able to grow and achieve their best life?”
– Very unlikely I’ll have any at this point.

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Yes. If I have to grab my past self kicking and screaming into the future. I will spend as many do overs as needed for me and us all.

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I would also like to say I am glad @kritiper doesn’t have any kids.
Seriously, I have lots of hope for the future. Trump seems closer to bankruptcy, shame, and prison. While the economy is struggling, and the ecology is barfing, it is not being ignored, and there will be prosperity in ecological solutions.

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Definitely. We wouldn’t go from the cave to shopping malls unless it was for a reason.

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The long range future NOPE.
It will hold up for the remaining years I have left after that who knows?

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Not really. Too much hate in the world, too many people making too many stupid decisions.

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I expect bumps in the road, but Humans are hard to kill. Long-term I’m enthusiastic.

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Ultimately it’ll be up to Millennial and Gen Z and I have seen indications and causes for hope from them.

There are plenty of Boomers I love as individuals, but as a collective generation they have been one of the most destructive forces in American history in terms of UNDOING so much of the progress and protections previous generations fought so hard for. They took advantage of the opportunities created for them, and then dismantled them for future generations so they could save a bit on taxes.

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@gorillapaws I’m a baby boomer. How did I dismantled the opportunities that were created for me?
I’ve worked hard all my life and made good decisions so that I can retire and get out of the way (at age 64) so that younger workers my take my place. I see plenty of opportunities for younger people. There’s a huge shortage for clinical laboratory technologists (my previous profession) in my area. Starting salary is now around $30/hr and goes up to $65/hr. Many good jobs and opportunities for those willing to work hard.

Do I see hope for the future? Not if young people choose to make poor decisions and not work. Of course that’s really not my problem as I’ll not be around much longer to worry about it.

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YES…I have a LOT of hope for the future!!! We have a very intelligent generation coming up behind us who think outside of the box!!! I’m not sure how easy the future will be, but I DO believe humanity will survive it & life will go on & society in general will continue to grow!!!

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There is always hope, there has to be. Humanity has survived much worse than what we see in our own era. Otherwise none of us would be here. Our ancestors would have vanished along with the planet, and none of us would even exist. Just my own take on things. Onward thru the fog!

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The foggier it gets, the more I draw from my hope!!!

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@gondwanalon “How did I dismantled the opportunities that were created for me?”

What kind of education is required for that profession? How much did it cost your generation to acquire that education? What is the equivalent inflation-adjusted cost for a Gen Z person to attain that same qualification? What changed in terms of funding for public universities between your parents generations funding things for you and your generation funding things for future generations? What tax rates were your parents paying? what tax rates are you paying?

This video goes into some of the issues.

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I’m hopeless.

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Beyond the wars and the calamities that I can foresee there lies a future for mankind that I cannot see. I don’t have hope so much as curiosity for a world I will never know.

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In the long term yes, but we might have to go through some awful times, bottom out, and then come back to life.

Some people seem intent on being destructive and going towards the abyss.

We have the technology and knowhow for a better life for the US and the world, but people resist it for antiquated reasons.

Climate change I cross my fingers there isn’t a tipping point of no return and that we can improve and slow what it happening. Populations will likely have to move around a little as coastlines change, heat indexes rise, and agricultural areas shift.

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^^ That all sounds very ominous but I hope we can repair what has broken without too many lives lost.

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@LadyMarissa Now that’s the ticket!

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@gorillapaws I asked you one simple question and you respond by asking me several questions.

Life is harder now for young people. I get it. But what did I do to cause THAT?

My college education was not easy. I worked hard, struggled and persevered. That made me strong.

I received very little help from my family during the 6 years that it took me to get a BA. Worked part time at KFC plus other odd jobs. My Mother couldn’t help. She worked as a security guard and likely paid little in taxes. My Father died in 1955. My Grandmother sent me a couple checks while I was in college but I sent them back. That hurt her feelings as she wanted to help. She was on a fixed income and I felt guilt taking her money. Also I understood that she suffered from dementia at the time.

Nowadays just a 2 degree from a technical college plus a 6 month internship in a hospital lab can qualify a student to take a National Registry exam to be a Medical Lab Technician (MLT). Additional study (BA) plus a full year internship can qualify a student to a higher level Medical Lab Technologist (MT). I was an MT for 38 years.

My wife is a Dietitian and together our total taxes last year that we paid was $42K. This last year we paid taxes at 24%. The most we paid while working (we are both retired) was $215K. We have to pay Federal taxes quarterly or we face a penalty. The only reason that we accept Social Security money is so we can use it to help pay our taxes.

We are completely debt free and own our home plus other property.

So the fact that I worked hard in college while working 6 years for KFC to pay for it and continue pay large money in taxes in retirement somehow caused the dismantling and destruction of our educational system?

You’re good at asking questions. Why not answer this one?

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