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What's the most bizarre thing you ever bought, online or otherwise?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 20th, 2008

Mine was my blue glow-in-the-dark dildo (that my teen daughter and her friend found later on, tucked away in a foot stool) and, Bubba – my human skull.

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I bought a talking Flip Wilson doll off ebay. It is Flip on one side and Geraldine on the other. An identical doll was my very favorite toy as a child and in a sentimental moment I couldn’t help myself. I love that doll. I guess you could say “the devil made me buy that doll.”

I kind of miss previews in Pirate speak.

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sex toys ;)

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I want a Flip doll!!!! I’ve got a lot of bizarre dolls….don’t consder them strange, but most might. See my avatar!

Isn’t E-bay fun!

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I don’t consider it so bizarre myself, but it’s probably the item that gets the most intriguing reactions: A bangle made from bent rams horn (similar to this but black)

My neatest ‘doll’ would have to be my Dam Troll in a devil outfit – it keeps me company at work :)

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Mine was probably two packs of fake mustaches. They say ‘mustache party’ real big on the front and there’s a different name for each style mustache.

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I bought a dildo that had been hand-made from used & rusted razor blades.

I got it for a male friend, so he could send it to an ex-girlfriend who had tried to publicly (and falsely) accuse him of rape.

He sent it to her workplace.

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Mustache rides 5 cents?

when i was in high school i used to see that on shirts.

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Why would any girl pay 5ยข, for something that she can get, free?

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my ex GF like to dress up for me, so sexy outfits, costumes for some role playing and just to wear around the house for me while doing regular chores, let’s just say I was very distracted when trying to do my own thing.

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Definitely my book made of elephant poop that I bought at the St. Louis zoo for $8
the best conversation piece ever, no kidding.
it was a fantabulous purchase

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i once bought a children’s lift the flap book about the history of underwear. it’s really cute and funny. they have egyptians, people on the prairie, all kinds of people.

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Alright, I’ll admit it. Just last night, browsing through Target, I bought something I’d seen on an infomercial. Since I only cook for one, I thought this might make my life a bit easier. The chicken I cooked on it last night might agree.

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I bought one similar to that, sold by George Foreman

I was afraid that if I didn’t buy one, that he’d find out where I live, and beat me up.

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i have the little george foreman grill. it’s great – cooks burgers really fast. it’s put away in the cabinet, in its box, though, and is too much trouble to take out.

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Teach you daughter to do it, assuming she’s old enough.

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Jack: right now she’s only 16 months, but if she wants to she can cook for me when she’s old enough.

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My Goodness! 16 months? That’s almost a year, right?

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A Rocky Horror Picture Show pillow case with Frankenfurter’s dolled up face. I was quite obsessed as a teenager. God bless eBay.

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Body: Did you indeed have that moustache party?

Maybe not the most bizarre, but the most recent bizarre thing I’ve bought
Just bought this hanger. I thought it’d make hanging up my clothes more amusing.

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One of my hobbies when on vacation is cursing the local food stores for regional specialties. I once came home with a can of calf brains in milk gravy from a trip to the south.

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Marina: you mean “cruising” not “cursing?” unless you were mad at the stores…..

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Animal skulls. Real ones, not replicas. I have a thing for the skeletal system and skulls are my favorite, so I collect.

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@jca Thanks for catching my typo. I have cursed stores, but I meant cruising this time!

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@Nimis, Just so you know, I have fully used one of the packages. I’m saving the other packages for a special occasion. There was an amazing burger cooking, beer drinking mustache party. It was simply divine.

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