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What is the strangest experience you have had whilst visiting?

Asked by LornaLove (10037points) November 14th, 2014

I once visited a neighbor with a few other neighbors and we were all sitting around the coffee table, which had a few snacks on it. There was a jug of juice, some snacks, crisps and in the middle a pretty water feature with pebbles running alongside it for decoration.

One of the neighbors, whom we had considered sane until that point, picked up a pebble from the grubby water feature and began to suck it? No, she was not senile. She was in her late 30’s. The host told her it was a pebble and she remarked that she knew that and continued to suck it?

Sometimes visits can be creepy, I’d love to hear your scariest, oddest creepiest visit story ever!

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I was attached by a small dog that leaped into the air and bit me on the nipple.

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@syz I’ve assisted on a cow C-section, helped roll one over on her back so the vet could stitched her displaced stomach, and had a small dog vomit all over my shoes, but yours takes the cake

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I was having dinner at a friend’s house. Mid-discussion he got up, pulled a scoped rifle from behind a curtain, slid the sliding glass door open, and KABLAMMO! No word of warning. Nothing! The whole process took less than 5 seconds.
He got a deer.

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Many summers ago I went to visit my English teacher at her house. She lived 2 doors down from us. I was babysitting my 3 year old brother at the time so I had to bring him along too. She ordered each of us a plate of noodles from the shop down the street. After the noodles came, she set them on the table and went looking for a book for me to read during the summer. My brother and I sat down and started eating. A minute later, my brother was tugging at my sleeve: “Tiger is eating my noodles, Tiger is eating my noodles!” Tiger was her Great Dane. Took me a second to put 2 and 2 together. I looked over, and the dog was eating my brother’s noodles right off of the plate on the table! I thought of pulling that 100+ lb dog away from the food (usually a bad idea), but decided that we did not want to eat the remnants anyway, so let him continue. Very strange to see a dog eat your food off of the table.

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Actually they wasn’t visiting in all of them, but here goes.
I ran into a new neighbor once who invited me over to meet his wife. I thought this is a bit odd but nice. Turns out they were swingers and he and his wife wanted to swing with me. Gave a whole new meaning to bringing a stray home. I told them I was happily married and I didn’t swing. They told me to knock on there door if I ever changed my mind. I couldn’t leave fast enough.

Next one was I was visiting my mom in my old city. A friend came over and I mention my neck was a little stiff in conversation. Out of the blue, her husband started to massage my neck and shoulders. My neck and shoulders became so tight that I felt it was going to cramp up badly. I get he is a nurse but that was just straight out creepy.

Next, I was visiting a friend. She scolded her child for something he did wrong. He started to cry out loud. She turned to him and told him to do that quietly if he didn’t want to be spanked. He just stood there with tears streaming and his mouth wide open as in a scream. Didn’t even walk out of the room to cry. Was funny and weird all at the same time.

Had a friend of my husband come over to our house for dinner and then we played concentration card game with my kids. She started to get angry and upset and started yelling that we were cheating. and the cards had to be marked. Scared the crap out of my kids. I told her the cards were not marked, the kids where just really good at calculating and remembering where the cards were. I felt it strange behavior for a grown woman.

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I was at a drinking party when I was in my early twenties and someone decided it would be a good idea to put in a video. It was a video of their childhood family trip to a theme park. Why the hell he thought to do that is beyond me. It was the most awkward silence I have experienced along with everyone’s “WTF” look. This person just sat their smiling and pointing things out in the video. It was not even his party, he brought the tape with him. To this day I still don’t get it.

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We went over a friend’s house with twelve other couples for dinner. Afterwards, the host put on a 33⅓ (long play) record of a comedian telling jokes. Everyone had to sit and listen to the jokes for half an hour and they weren’t even funny. The guests looked so awkward while the host sat and smiled the entire time.

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My ex husband and I finally had to take an invitation to have dinner with one of his co-workers that had been pestering hm for months. We didn’t really care to get friendly with this couple but they just wouldn’t quit. haha
We arrive for dinner and they had their 10 year son make the salads, do all the serving, making cocktails, like he was their little butler. Then the poor kid wasn’t even allowed to eat with us in the dining room.

Extremely weird and uncomfortable,they ordered him around like a servant.
Needless to say we never went back. People are just plain strange sometimes! lol

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I don’t really call this a visit, but one day I was asked by my neighbor to come and fix some computer errors for her. I came in and she showed me the laptop. Next to it was her two sons. The older had been in an accident before and couldn’t walk and talk normally then. With a strange, almost inaudible voice, he asked me to install a game for him. I even noticed that he drooled when he spoke. I had hear about his condition before but seeing him with my own eyes was still really creepy.

To make the matter worse, right after the boy finished, the younger son yelled: “Don’t do anything for him! Install my game! You think a cabbage like him can do anything?” I was at a loss for some seconds. I couldn’t believe how someone could say about his brother like that.

The older boy has recovered now. Not completely, but much better. At least he can get back to his learning.

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I saw a mental patient eat a AA battery. Swallowed it whole.

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It wasn’t me visiting, but me being visited. I held a birthday party for my eight year old son. Normally, the parents would drop the children and come back later. I didn’t mind if parents felt more comfortable staying and I had some nibbles for them to enjoy while the kids played games and enjoyed their party. I was not expecting three of the mothers to arrive, sit down at the outdoor table and pull out beer and wine and start drinking. It was a little kids party. At least they didn’t expect me to provide the grog!

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When I was about 20, I went to a New Year’s Eve party and a bunch of us who drank ended up sleeping on the couches or the floor. I was sleeping on the couch. In the middle of the night, we were awakened to the sounds of moaning. Someone turned the lights on and we could see this couple having sex. They stopped, the woman sat on the chair, lit up a cigarette and said “you’re all just jealous.” (meanwhiile she was a skank and the last thing anyone was, was jealous).

Another odd thing that happened when I was younger was that my step-father’s brother and his wife invited some family to their home for lunch. Everyone sat at the table, the wife gave everyone a bowl of soup and we ate it, then she passed out tuna fish sandwiches, which everyone ate. She offered that if anybody wanted more, she had more and she gave that out. She never sat down, there was nothing else. It was weird in that, in my family and with other people that I’ve ever visited before or since, there’s usually a variety of food and the hostess will sit at some point and join the group. This visit was more like a visit to a restaurant. It’s hard to describe, but I am used to a hostess acting more like a hostess and there being more of an abundance of food. Of course when you’re a guest in someone’s home, you accept what you’re given, you don’t say negative things about it, and you are gracious and thankful for what you get. Still, it might not sound too weird, but it was.

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@jca One of my pet peeves are people that jump up from dinner and immediately start washing the dishes. Sheesh…sit DOWN and engage with some after dinner conversation with your guests. Clearing the table is fine, being OCD about spending the next 45 minutes cleaning up is not. The damn dishes can wait.

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@Coloma I totally agree.

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Once my Dad invited us, and my kids, to their swanky condo to go swimming. I don’t know if he didn’t tell his wife or what, but I remember her scowling the whole time. Some drunk kept trying to get my son, who was less than 2 at the time, to jump in the pool. I politely ignored him. At one point he grabbed my son and threw him in! I fished him out. The guy’s going “I thought he could swim! You mean he can’t swim?”
My dad says, ”NO he can’t swim!!” You could hear the caveat “moron!” in his response.
But then my dad’s wife (who has never had any children) said, “Children aren’t supposed to be here in the first place,” like she was blaming us for the drunk’s behavior.

WTF? Why the hell did you invite us then?

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@Coloma I Love! to the the dishes and clean up after a dinner or between courses. That is the best time to enjoy quiet kitchen conversations and have semi private talks with the host.

I figure the host did all the work preparing the food, the least I can do it help clean up. I feel it is a sign of appreciation.

After the mess is cleaned up everyone can enjoy the rest of the evening while the dishwasher hums in the background.

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I was trained a wise woman. She taught me that the earlier the mess is cleaned up, the earlier we can hop into the sack.
There are never dirty dishes left sitting in the sink overnight.

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@LuckyGuy I always help too, but it is the compulsiveness of some people, you barely lay down your fork and they whisk away your plate. It’s like they are so anxious to clean up before people have barely finished eating.haha

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The clean up is part of the social event. That’s when the conversations are the best!

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It’s when the host starts to clean up right away – dude, chill out and chat for a while. We’ll clean up in a few minutes.

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Yeah, I remember doing the dishes, with one of the kids helping, and we’d just chat. Rare memories of teenagers.

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