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When do physical limits on information representation constrain Moore's law?

Asked by zeek (1points) September 20th, 2008

At some point, we will not have enough atoms to reliably represent the state of information, when (at what scale) does that occur, given current technological trends

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Interesting. We will not have enough atoms to reliably represent the state of information? I don’t know.

I like Shannon.

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A friend of mine who spent a good deal of research time trying to continue Moore’s Law past the inevitable plateau seems to think that the only way to increase computing power per input energy is to master reversible computing. In other words to reuse the energy that is used to store bits in order to reduce heat waste. Truthfully right now Moore’s Law looks to be in pretty bad shape. After cell processors are at their peak we don’t have many other directions to go. Quantum computing could blow this all away, but it’s a looong way off.

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