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What is the worst simple common torture for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23535points) October 24th, 2022

Like not being able to scratch an itch?
Or having a mosquito flying around you at night?

Humor welcome

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People making me wait.

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Misusing an apostrophe.

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Waiting in a line at a convenience store to pay for a coffee while people in front of me spend twenty minutes buying lotto tickets. I hate that damn lotto. And my coffee is cold before I can take a sip.

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The hem of one (or both) of my socks being loose.

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@ragingloli JFC

I was going to say wet socks. But honestly I’d rather be covered in sopping wet socks from head to toe than have a leg cramp like that.

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Boxer shorts creeping up.

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Nearly breaking a rib, when scratching my behind, in bed.

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Having to decide between a hot head or blocking out the light when trying to sleep.

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Screaming toddlers, I can’t.

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Long talkers—people who answer yes-or-no question with rambling lectures, and those who don’t understand that a conversation involves two or more people, well, conversing and dominate every interaction. Such individuals trigger my fight-or-flight response and make me very anxious to get away.

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Knowing a loved one is hurting.

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Loud sounds such as leaf blowers, weed whackers, nails being hammered, circular saws, jack hammers, and cars/motorcycles without proper mufflers. In the past two and a half years, I have developed quite an anxiety to overly loud sounds that I cannot control.

In my “quiet suburban neighborhood” there is daily yard work, construction, and traffic sounds. Right now, the neighbor’s house is 2 weeks into getting a new roof, so there is pounding, yelling, sawing, and breaking tiles all day long. My teeth are on edge.

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How interesting. Those sounds are comforting to me @Kardamom. Glad to see you!

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30 students scraping their chairs across the floor at the same time.

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