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I have photos on my phone that I would like to save, but I don't know how to put them onto my computer. Can anyone help?

Asked by knittingandcanning (346points) September 20th, 2008

Phone model number: SGH-C417
Cingular Smartchip

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You could email them to yourself, which works pretty much like sending any other text message. You may need to create a contact listing with your email address in it first.

You could also use Bluetooth to connect to your computer, if it is BT-equipped. Also, your phone can save photos to a USB drive somehow, and it would be a simple matter to move the photos to your computer after they’re on a USB drive.

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i can never make my bluetooth or the usb work so I text them to my email like Techno mom mentioned. I also do that with texts i recieve that i feel ae important.

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Cingular should have a website system for its subscribers. You’ll need to sign into it with your password and then create a picture username. Then, on your phone, “upload” all of your pictures, and they will appear in albums on your Cingular account.

(That’s how Sprint works, at least.)

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emailing them to yourself is the easiest thing to do.

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I have Cingular service but a Nokia phone. Depending on the phone model, Cingular has several different options but does not have the same on-line set-up that Sprint has, unfortunately.

As others say, text them to your email, use bluetooth, use the usb cable or the CA-42 serial cable. Some phones even accept a memory card that can be popped into the appropriate gadget to download to your computer.

I was able to get the CA-42 cable from a cell-phone repair company (Digital 2000) but not the drivers. However I discovered that Nokia itself supplies a free software suite (Nokia PC Suite) to manage phone data, images and videos. I also had to tell Vista to install the drivers – the Suite put the drivers on my laptop but I had to go into Control Panel, find them, and install them.

I would start by seeing if Cingular itself has any suggestions and also googling Samsung phone photo transfer to see what you can do.

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You can just text them to your email. that’s what I did when I switched phones

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Thank you everyone for your input! I decided last night to try texting them to my email and i’m happy to say it worked! Very easy but time comsuming.

Thank you!

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