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Will a 17 inch Macbook Pro lap top fit into the Canon Deluxe Photo 200EG backpack?

Asked by crbarnett (2points) September 20th, 2008

Looking into buying a backpack to carry camera, accessories, and computer. Will the 200EG work for me?

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Maybe, dimensions wise the Macbook Pro are 1×14.1×9.6 inches, whereas the bag is 7×15 x 12.2 inches, so it may be a squeeze height wise, but you have about an inch of space (I believe these may be external dimensions however, so bear this in mind, but I’m sure you won’t lose an inch inside). But that’s the facts as opposed to what I’ve seen :)

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you could look for a crumpler bag, they have special 17” camera backpacks

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Yes, it will fit, but probably not in a way you’ll be happy with. I own this bag, and it basically has three storage areas: the compartmentalized camera equipment area, a zippered area on the front flap, and a smaller zippered area just outside of that. The larger zippered area is considerably smaller (1–2” on each side) than the main compartment, so it would be a tight fit to squeeze the Macbook into that. And, it lacks any padding. So, that basically leaves you with the main compartment, which means that it will have to sit over your camera equipment. This could work – there is probably enough room as the bag expands just a little bit in that area, but your camera body/lenses etc. are going to be right against your Macbook, unless you put it in a sleeve…which adds weight, bulk and expense.

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check out

I buy their bags because of their excellent build quality and warranty. They have a line of backpacks designed exactly for that application-has a padded interior sleeve for the MBP, plus a bottom “hatch” section for the DSLR. I think it’s the Python Pro line of backpacks. Worth a looksee…even though they’re a tad on the pricey side-worth every penny-seriously. I know of a vendor that also sells them at a discount (and no sales tax). PM me if you need more info.

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