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If you saw a guy with 2nd degree burns all over his face at a nightclub, would that be gross or discomforting?

Asked by Kraigmo (9005points) November 4th, 2022

I got 2nd degree burns all over my face. The story behind that is insignificant here, but it’s no one’s fault.
I’ll be OK. I should be 100% normal looking in a few months.
I like to go out to cocktail bars for live music. These are not A-list establishments. (No dress codes, no expectations).
I’m not there to pick women up, so I never think about that, and don’t put that vibe out. Sometimes I do meet women and hang out with them or on rarer occasion, go home with them. But that’s not on my mind at all until such situations open themselves up without any effort on my part. My mission there is to enjoy the live music and join the dancers on the dance floor. (This is rock’n’roll dancing, not contact dancing)
But my question is: Would it be a common response to be grossed out by seeing my hideous burned face? Obviously they wouldn’t know what the problem is. They could think it’s acne blisters or birthmarks on dry peeling skin.
They’d have no idea. Just that it looks horrible.
My instinct is that 99% of people won’t mind and won’t care.
Am I right about that?
I like to make people comfortable even if they have no right to be comfortable.

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I assume that it’s darkish inside so I don’t think it would be that noticeable. If you were that concerned, you could always wear a mask due to covid.

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It’s fine to do that, but you will need to okay with some curiosity from people, and probably some empathy.
Not everyone is a dick. Some people do dickish things.

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When I see someone who looks “different”, I may look at them simply because the difference catches my eye. Then I feel badly immediately because I don’t want them thinking I’m staring, or thinking negative thoughts because I’m not. Someone with pink hair would catch my eye just as someone with a bandaged leg would because that’s different, too. I think it’s human nature to check people out. It’s when people really stare, or say something to a friend while looking, or say something directly to the person that it becomes hurtful and rude and unacceptable.

I think you should go out and have fun, and keep in mind that even if people look at you, it’s not necessarily negative. If you do get negative vibes from someone, fuck’em! And may I just say, “You’re brave! Not everyone could do it. Be proud.” Btw, good to see you again

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OK so I tested the waters at a small pub.
Nobody socialized with me, but it was a sparse crowd, so it’s possible that would have happened anyway. The music was great. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tom Petty, Boy George, Cars, Paul Simon, Yes, etc. It was a very great show.
Last week, I was originally covering my face up with makeup, but now that the peeling process is happening, that’s not possible. You can’t cover up peeling with makeup, it’d look like I’m a mannequin with a melting face.
Tomorrow, will be a much larger venue, 500 people or so for an Abba tribute and a Grateful Dead tribute opener. Hopefully that goes well. I know I’ll love the music.

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Thanks for letting us know how it went. Wow! Great music! Good luck tomorrow…I guess today, Saturday. And just because people don’t socialize with you it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the burns. When people go with other people, they don’t really think about inviting someone new to their group.

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Good luck.

I have a clinical question for you. Did the docs give you a silver-based cream to put on your burns?

I had a similar issue – but on my legs, where the skin essentially melted off. The silver cream did wonders in healing. I hope that’s what they are giving you.

Hoping for a good recovery.

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I mean not grossed out, sad and curious perhaps. If you’re able to smile that would help others feel more comfortable.

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@elbanditoroso , No, I was told to put nothing on it, except a Cerave AM.
I’m all healed now. I actually look better than before the burns. My wrinkles are gone.

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Hi and welcome back! Glad to hear about the healing. I had forgotten that about burns…how when they heal they tighten the skin somewhat. I’m happy for you. Thank you for stopping back by to let us know how things are going.

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