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The merchant of Venice and the Hunger Games?

Asked by Maya_01 (489points) November 15th, 2022

What is a good thesis statement for the Hunger Games and The Merchant of Venice which relates to the theme of marginalisation and prejudice?

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Make your own thesis, but a decent direction could be in pointing out how in although Shylock is somewhat sympathetic, his marginalization in Shakespeare’s time has twisted him into evil, while in Hunger Games, the marginalization of most people gives them moral superiority.

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Shakespeare makes a moving case for the humanity of the social outcast. In Hunger Games, the outcasts are all sympathetic. There is no sympathy for the villains because they are the powerful, not the outcasts, and they do as they do for amusement, not for a livelihood, unlike Shylock an his kin.

In my opinion, that is a very strange pairing. I don’t see any deep, thought-inspiring wisdom in HG. But you can identify a theme or major element found in both and then place each on a continuum for compare-contrast in those dimensions and draw your statement from that.

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