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Why do so many people carry a paper cup of coffee while walking in parks and gardens?

Asked by flutherother (34434points) November 15th, 2022

Maybe the answer is obvious but isn’t it awkward to carry and drink from a paper cup? Why not wait to enjoy your coffee while seated at a cafe?

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Walking with a cup is not difficult and it isn’t hard to pause and take a drink. Maybe they’d rather walk through a park rather than sit at a cafe? Maybe they are on their way somewhere and wanted their morning coffee on the way?

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Some people have anxiety when walking alone. Something in the hand helps alleviate that anxiety.

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Remember those scenes in movies, where the antagonist puts a cup of coffee on a ledge, and a sniper shoots a hole through it, to show the protagonist that there are snipers everywhere?
Yeah, they are all doing that.

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Double the pleasure. A nice stroll and a preferred “poison.”

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Some people may feel self conscious sitting in a cafe, by themselves, or maybe they don’t want to take up a table, or maybe they want to get out and enjoy some air while they’re drinking their drink. Maybe they want to get their walk in, in a limited amount of time, and feel that sitting in a cafe takes away from that.

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Because people are too busy to sit in a coffee shop.

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Because they’re basic and bougie. :P

Nah, but for many people coffee as morning routine can combined with other aspects of that routine. As a tea-drinker, I love sitting down and reading while drinking tea. Coffee is often a bit more “on the go”. It’s something you take with you to work or take in the car or on a walk with you. You drink coffee while you get other things done.

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Before I give my answer can you do an experiment for me? Compare the number of females and males you see exhibiting this behavior. Since this is not a full scientific study,just count the next 10 people you see and record the number of females and males. (Of course you can count more, but 10 will be enough for now.) I predict there will be a disproportionately high number in one category.

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A disposable cup is easily disposed of when the coffee is gone. No other reason required.

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A paper cup will decompose better than a plastic cup when they are done with their coffee and decide to litter on the ground. (uncouth heathens) lol.

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Great to see you back! :D

However, since it’s not yet TGiving, shouldn’t you be glaring at a textbook, and not this annoying reminder? ;p

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^^ lol! Oh, I have been glaring at textbooks for over a week now and my eyes are tired. HEY! Is this you, mom?! haha

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Some people might simply enjoy the ritual, I could see that. They love drinking coffee and enjoying the outdoors, why not put them together?

Probably, some of those people can’t just be without something in their hand. Something in front of them when near other people, or it’s like a crutch for an insecurity.

Reminds me of people having to smoke a cigarette.

I remember when I moved to Michigan a lot of the young men would bring their drinks onto the dance floor, which is flat out not allowed in any bar I used to go to growing up in DC. A lot of those guys wouldn’t even go to the dance floor without a few drinks already in them.

I think the question is are they uncomfortable if they don’t have the drink in their hand?

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