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How can human beings be so smart yet so "stupid" as well?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) September 20th, 2008

For instance we have the capabilities of technology, and the ability to survive and create. Yet we are stupid enough to fight, and drift apart form one another. No one wants to come togehter even when they know it is best, they rather just fight.

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What you have said is correct, and is what makes us “human.”

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i believe that it is because although people are smart they do not think about what they say/do before they say/do something and it makes them sound like idiots.

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It’s all about ego.

Egotistical people can make great advances while ignoring the contributions of those who helped them. The ones that helped them get bitter about the slight and then their egos take over and lead to conflict.

If we could all collectively learn to control our ego rather than being controlled by it, we would start to see a major upswing in productivity and cooperation.

Imagine how much more we could accomplish…

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“some” people are smart. some people aren’t. but that dosent cause the fighting. the fighting is caused by emotions that people cant control. Part of being human like jackadams said. We cant be perfect. If we think we can, were setting our selves up for failure.

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The world would be so boring, fights are fun…..sometimes

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@cheebdragon I find the make up to be more fun than the fight.

Wait for it. America is gonna make out with Iraq soon. And it’s gonna be dirty.

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nature and nurture… (in any particular order)

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I think many people lack common sense. And many people don’t tap their most valuable resource…their brains!

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Tell me when you figure it out

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Who told you we were smart in the first place? What? Compared to what? We are fucking retarded at best. We are one with everything in the universe. If you are at war with yourself, you will win, but to win you must destroy.

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Because we can THINK (or not)

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