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How can i make a video on

Asked by reymysterio619_369 (14points) September 20th, 2008

I want to make a few videos on and i was wanting to know how to make videos and how to post them also.

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First you need to have something to shoot video with, I assume you do. following that you need a video editing software application (im on my phone and can’t remember how to do a google search) try googling ‘free video editing tools’ or something along those lines…I know macs and at least windows vista come with free editing software. regardless of what you end up using play around with your camera and the editing app. its by far the best way to learn. in fact that’s a good rule for any program you don’t understand. just fiddle. as long as you make no lasting changes.

once you have a video, you need to make a youtube account. just click ‘sign up’ and then you can start posting thru your ‘my videos’ page.

when I get home tonight ill post some more info. :) my tilt phone is a bit limiting.

hope that helps even a lil bit. :D

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Aha! This has some great programs links, I clicked around and they seem like easy enough programs for beginners, almost all of them!

I couldn’t get the link to work on fluther, so here it is. Apologies!

Good luck!

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if you have a mac then you can shot with the web cam it has and edit with imovie. and if you have windows you can shoot with a web cam and the edit it with windows media player. ORRR if you have a video camera you can record then load it to your computer edit with a software.. and there load it on youtube… its pretty easy.. all you need are some subjects to talk about..etc.

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i have Windows XP if that helps at all and very new to this but thanks everyone.

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you can use windows movie maker

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