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What are the range of life expectancy for different house plants?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24455points) November 19th, 2022

Just wondering.

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If I’m taking care of them, about a week. Unless they are plastic, then a little longer. lol
Seriously, I’m sure with proper care years but it will very from specific species’ to species.

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No reason for them to ever die, really.

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I suggest you buy a book.

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Until you kill it seems to be the average lifespan for most house plants!!!

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In my place it’s usually a matter of hours.

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^^ LOL! Damn @JLoon you make me look like some horticulturist or botanist or somethin’.

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We have an indoor Phyllodendron plant in a large that was given to me 33 years ago. Still going very strong. Have to chop it back about once a year to keep it from taking over the house.

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My dad gave my mom a phyllodendron from us kids for Mother’s Day when we were under age 5. We moved a number of times over the years (think 18-wheeler moving van) and Mom was able to move it with us. She died when she was 76, so it would have been with the family for around 50 years. I adopted it, and within probably 5 years and a few moves I had to pronounce it deceased. Made me sad. 8(

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I finally learned how to grow phylodendrums.

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I tend to over water and under sun. My wife is quite adept at keeping them alive.

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I have not had any houseplants die. I keep them in a window and water them once a week summer and winter. I have one plant that I call my phoenix plant. Two times the leaves gradually all turned brown, but it shot out a new stalk each time.

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I had a small ficus on my office desk in 1988 that is now about seven feet tall in our living room (2022).

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I have a Hoya that my Dad gave me in 1982. It was old when he got it and he had it for several years. When we fled our old house I gave it to my son so I get to visit him. :D

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