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What is your opinion of foaming soap vs. liquid soap?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (8272points) November 19th, 2022

Foaming soap seems more convenient to me, but I’ve read that it might not be as effective as liquid soap. Then again, those same reports say that the difference might not matter for normal household use. Do you have any thoughts about the pros and cons of each? Which do you use in your home?

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I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the foaming soap feels less drying, which is a plus. I don’t know if one can even buy foaming soap – like what comes in dispensers at the hospital or clinics.

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I use foam soap at home and at work. One reason is as @smudges said, it does feel less drying. You can buy foaming soap at the grocery store, Bath and Body Works, etc. I read the article and it specified washing hands for 4 seconds. I wash my hands a lot longer than that, so if their study depended on only washing hands for that length of time, I can see that you are leaving bacteria on your hands. I also think that I use a lot less with the foaming soap, therefore it lasts longer.

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Probably less waste with foaming soap.

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It seems to last longer and it’s avaiable in concentrated strength that I think can handle heavier cleaning.

So foaming soap and I have become friends, but only in the kitchen. Nothing intimate yet.

I’ll let you know more after the first date.

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What’s wrong with bar soap?

I find that the wasteage when using liquid soap is intolerably high

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I like the foaming. It feels like once less step. When I use liquid soap, I take a bit longer to build it to a lather. Foaming is already in a lather.

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I mostly use liquid soap, and sometimes some bar soap.

I’ve only encountered foam soap when traveling.

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I put castille soap in a foaming dispenser and add water until it’s the right consistency. None of the dish soaps I’ve found are very nice for hands, and I’d rather just buy one kind in bulk.

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I prefer liquid soap. Isn’t foaming soap mainly watered down liquid soap?

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Liquid over foaming. But my real preference is solid soap. I don’t want to buy the water in a product that requires water to use and rinse off.

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Ditto @Forever_Free My sentiments exactly. And I refuse to use the nasty perfumed liquid or foamy soaps that are provided in public restrooms. Once after using the soap in a public restroom, my hands smelled so bad I felt like gagging for the short drive home.

Once I got home, I couldn’t get that smell off of my hands, even after scrubbing them with baking soda! Never again!

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You know the point when your liquid soap bottle is almost empty, so you fill it up with water, to create a thin soapy water mix to extend its lifespan before you buy a new bottle?
That is what I feel with foam soap. Like I am getting cheated.

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We need better facts about each alternative.

We don’t have enough infoamation about the effectiveness of each one.

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I use and prefer liquid soap at home. I feel like foaming soap is not as substantial as regular liquid soap. It’s kind of like how canned whip cream comes out looking like whip cream and within a few minutes it dissolves into a liquid half solid version of whip cream, vs. regular whip cream which stays creamy for a long time. I like how liquid soap coats my hands, whereas foaming soap is like half-air (which it is).

I am into scents, too, and so I like to buy soaps with nice scents. I hate the medicinal scent of some bathrooms like at McDonalds bathrooms.

In the shower, I use bar soap. Again, I prefer nice scents, not regular soap like Ivory or Dial or Dove (which they say is not actually soap, it’s hardened hand cream).

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(WTH is foaming soap?)
Good to see you @JeSuisRickSpringfield

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It is soap that comes out as foam. Like spray on whipped cream.

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Oh. No I don’t like foaming soap.

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If a restroom has a sensor that turns the water on, I prefer foaming soap because it’s easier to wipe off with a paper towel. I am invisible to a lot of those sensors (water doesn’t go on, toilets don’t flush, doors won’t open, supermarket robots run me down).

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You make me laugh @canidmajor!

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@Dutchess_III When the robot overlords rise up I will make a great spy! 8n the meantime, I just dance and wave my arms in front of automatic doors. :-)

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If you are eating at a restaurant you will want the employees to be using liquid soap.

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Of course it isn’t as effective. It’s a little soap filled with air. I have no use for it, myself. I prefer bar soap at home in the bathrooms. I use liquid dish detergent at the kitchen sink and powder in the dishwasher.

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Yes, foaming soap is less effective. Yes, it has water added. The point is that we usually overuse liquid soap, and by providing a diluted, lathered version, foaming soap diminishes the amount of soap that we use, overall.

Use one of those pump-top foaming soap bottles, choose a liquid soap you like and can buy in bulk, and mix with water in the bottle. My soap is a 1:3 mix with water. A pump is a simple way to distribute a small quantity of soap, which is enough for most needs.

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I use liquid soap, but got used to a foam shower gel, it gives the skin such a good feeling.

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I love foaming soap because it feels good.

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Personally, I prefer liquid soap over bar soap. It’s more hygienic than bar soap. And more effective than foaming hand soap.

For kids, I prefer foaming hand soap. They’re just not as thorough with their hand washing. Mostly it’s just going for quick coverage and a rinse.

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