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What's the worst/ nastiest thing that ever happened to you while eating in a restaurant?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 20th, 2008

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of the guy in my city that sent his steak back while dining at a Texas Roadhouse and the cook got so pissed off he hide pubic hairs in the steak and served the guy. The customer took the steak home to eat, found the hairs and is sueing the restaurant. The cook got jail time, I believe. Has anything similar or also nasty ever happened to you? If you’ve seen the movie ‘Waiting’, you’ll agree anything could be in our food when eating out.

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I answered that before, here, but I’ll repeat it here:

I was choking on some meat, and this gentleman performed the Heimlich Maneuver on me, dislodging that morsel from my throat, and saving my life.

So, I guess that choking on meat would qualify as the worst, right?

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Yeah, that’s nasty. I immediately thought of the Saturday Night Live skit where they imitated Liz Taylor choking…someone did the Heimlich on her and she kept right on eating.

Worst I ever had were bugs in my food. And hair. That’s so nasty.

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I got raw rancid meat in my dumpling soup once at a chinese place in Florida when I was eleven. I got even though, I threw up all over the establishment while running to the bathroom in front of everyone in there (the place was packed) while my mom flipped out at the manager who smelled the dumpling and refused to try one from the batch gagging. Three months later they were boarded up and out of business.

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My wife and I were at a deli during closing time. One if the employees was filling the ketchup bottles. The ketchup collected at the top of one of the bottles, and the employee stuck his bare finger into the bottle of ketchup. We now call the deli “the finger in the ketchup deli”, and we do not go there any longer.

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I hope you told the manager of that place about that employee, so he could be executed, at the very next opportunity.

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Ate at a Thai restaurant once (love Thai food btw), but was eating a noodle dish when suddenly I bit down on something that seemed to grind in my teeth (like sand). After a chew or two later I realized that a shard of glass was in my mouth and had cut my gums open. They comped the meal and begged me not to call the health inspector.

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At a long time favorite specialty sandwich place that I’d not visited in quite some time, 1) saw a roach crawling lazily up the wall beside me, and 2) my friend found a metal washer in her seafood salad sandwich. Needless to say, we were very disappointed.

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Well I guess this technically wouldn’t be a restaurant, but I was in the school cafeteria having a nice little lunch when there was a fight right next to our table. How I love dinner theatre. Left blood on the ground and everything, same colour as the ketchup I was dipping my delicious fries in. A bit disturbing.

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Food poisoning. Came on between the starter and the main.

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I went to a diner in Yonkers NY and there was a screw in my lasagna about 20 years ago.

I was with a guy at a restaurant in upstate NY (Cairo?) about 4 years ago and he had filet mignon and it had a big hook in it. Needless to say that was a free meal.

Went to a deli in Peekskill and saw the counter help girl put her fingers in the chicken salad.

What I’ve found is that when you have a problem with your food, don’t tell the waitress, ask for the Manager. Waitress just wants the problem to go away. You want to tell the Manager so that he’s aware, and also, he will be the one to comp it.

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Talking about fingers in food. Worst thing that has happened while eating take away?

I had an Indian take away (a lamb phall) that contained a severed human finger still in a blue latex glove (well the finger bit of the glove). I had police forensics poking about in my left overs and a detective asking questions like “so…. do you remember eating anything that was a bit funny?”. Turned out one of the restaurant staff had caught his hand in some machine but couldn’t find the… er… bit.

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Lightlyseared wins! ugh

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Lig: Okay, I know food poisoning sucks.
But how in the world could you have forgotten to mention that first?

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@nimis it happened a long time ago anf didnt happen in a restaurant. Plus I try to not remember the finger thing (I lost 20lbs the next month physically couldn’t eat. Despite the fact the take away gave me free food. Thats really the last thing you want more food ffom the place that served up human finger curry. Shame really as it had damn fine food.

Also the food posioning only happen like week ago and is still very fresh in my mind. Very, very fresh.

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I was eating at China Fun on seventy something street and Columbus in Manhattan a few years ago when I happened upon a large cooked insect (cricket?) in my white rice. My parents kept eating… WTF.

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@Ezra: I love your parents. Hahahahaha…

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Holy shit…yes, Lightlyseared wins!

I wonder if any of us realize what we’re REALLY eating when we go out?

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@dolly I find it’s best not to dwell on it too much otherwise you’d go mad or starve. Also be polite to the waiters…

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@lightlyseared….Oh, I don’t let it stop me, I love eating out. And I’m always nice to the wait staff. Having worked in retail and with ppl all my life; I would never want to be a waiter.
You have to put up with so much (it’s not their fault the food tastes like crap or w/e) and get paid so little.

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When I was in high school whoever was in charge of changing the milk every day must have been out sick because my buddy got a milk that was WELL past it’s expiration date. But, he didn’t check beforehand of course. So he drank it and immediately threw up- which cause 2 other people with weaker stomachs nearby to also throw up, so now there is 3 puddles of vomit and the stench of spoiled milk.


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I remember one.I was on the mode me and my friend.We were yust siting in there with beer and allso has been there guy call prizma on the mode.He was our friend as well aftersome while he just go away,me and the another friend were saying hey prizma where are you going,He was not abel to ansver.Before he reach the exit he is falling on the tabel.The people at the bar and owner of the bar went to lift him up becouse me and my mate on the table was to slow.The point of it was that owner was saying he was on the heroin did you see that for shure but he actualy got the bad mode and nothing else.

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K, um. What’s mode?

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i heard you should never go to a restaurant when they’re almost ready to close and sit down to be served, because the servers will do gross things with your food to punish you.

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Sitting at a bar watching the bartender (with whom BTW there was somewhat of a language barrier) mix up a large table full of drinks. I noticed a big fat fly in one of the beverages just as he was getting ready to cart off the tray. I said pssst, “There is a fly in that drink right there”. In one fell swoop, not missing a beat, one hand scooped up a fresh rocks glass of ice while slapping one of those metal drink strainers on the aforementioned drink with fly and strained the drink into the fresh glass, popped it on the tray and flew off before I could even process what just happened here. I think my mouth was still hanging open when he returned behind the bar. My husband and I had two Budweisers…in the bottle.

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Oh gosh, yes. I had a gigantic flying cockroach lodged in a fish cake. It was horrendous. I also had a fly embedded in a sausage. Agh!

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One day, I ordered a Classic at Mc Donald’s and there was a BIG worm in the chicken. O_o I think it was a worm, 90% sure, but maybe it was just part of the chicken. But anyway, any one of those two scenarios are pretty bad.

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