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How do i fix the add- ons on my Internet Explorer?

Asked by reymysterio619_369 (14points) September 20th, 2008

i have just downloaded Internet Explorer and it says Internet Explorer is currently running with add-ons disabled. I have tried to fix it myself but i can not get it fixed.Does anyone know how to fix this. I would appreciate it.

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Um….I am no computer expert. Hopefully someone else will help you….BUT since noone else has suggested anything….

Have you clicked on “tools”....upper rt? Then click on “manage add ons”. Then click on “enable or disable add ons”. Follow instructions.

Hope this helps…?

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You stop using Internet Explorer and begin using Firefox. Using IE (a.k.a. “Internet Exploder” to all tech geeks) opens you up to several forms of computer mayhem that may eventually make your computer unusable (at least on the Operating system end of things…i.e., Windows). Hackers and virus/worm/malware writers LOVE IE and target it for attacks regularly. So if you want problems, keep using IE.

Firefox has tons more add-ons which are far more useful than IE will ever have. And so far, for the most part anyhow, “bad” people leave Firefox alone.

Oh, and while you’re at it, start shopping for a Mac to replace that PeeCee. You will thank yourself for it after going years without having to ever take it in for repairs!

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Step 1. Press Alt + F4
Step 2. Go download FireFox
Step 3. Never use IE again

Happy to help :)

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@snoopy yeah i tried that it won’t work for me i may have done it wrong but i do not know but thank you anyways

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I figured it out but thank you everyone.

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*FEEDLY,, readitlater, evernote (if it worked with Snow Leopard), xmarxs – sometimes
i despise foxtabs.

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I was going to do YouTube but the videos wont work and then this message came up: An add-on for this website has failed to run. So can you please help but I cant download anything so just for IE ok bye

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