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What is an unusual punishment?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23503points) November 24th, 2022

Like inducing hiccups for a month?
Having to sleep with a mosquito?
Giving a time savings device for those with too much free time?
Playing music that one hates 24/7?

Humor welcome.

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Having to listen to a republican.

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This is the 2nd Q you’ve asked where one of the options is Like inducing hiccups for a month. I occasionally get the hiccups; but, I must ask HOW do you induce hiccups especially for a month???

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Cruel punishment – locking me in a room for a week with my ex-wife

Unusual punishment – making me share Thanksgiving or Christmas with my ex-wife. Hell, for that matter making ANYONE share Thanksgiving or Christmas with her.

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@LadyMarissa I get hiccups multiple times a year. Last time the hiccups lasted one hiccup, and gratefully never came back.

I would think that a pharmacy or doctor has a way to induce hiccups. To help study them.

Update I asked my pharmacy what pills cause hiccups.

I don’t drink but alcohol causes hiccups.

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@LadyMarissa Antibiotics, steroids , and alcohol cause hiccups.

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Hanging you with a rope tied around one ankle dangled 50 feet above a rocky gorge….for 10 days. That would never pass muster with the Supremes.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Antibiotics & alcohol don’t give me hiccups. Don’t think I’ve ever taken a steroid so don’t know about that one!!!

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