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If you can have 100 grams of anything what would you choose?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24454points) November 25th, 2022

Just wondering.

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<—- ::ahem::

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@cookieman What type and brand of cookies? My favorite cookies are Tim Hortons chocolate chip cookies.

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If we are going for dollar value 100 grams of Anti -matter would be near the top. At about trillions of dollars. Second would be Steven Hawking’s DNA, to grow super smart children.

I would pick Tim’s chocolate chip cookies.

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@RedDeerGuy1: I’ve always wanted to try Tim Horton’s. Didn’t know they had chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm. Another reason to go there.

My favorite, other than homemade, is from a place in Faneuil Hall called the Boston Chip Yard.

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@cookieman Tim’s also has peanut butter cookies. I have not tried them yet.

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100g of an anti-cancer drug that was 100% safe and effective and could be replicated.

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The last time I was faced with this choice was in a sweet shop when I chose 100g of chocolate satins.

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100 grams of cookies is like three cookies. They’d be gone before you got home.

37 years ago I would have said 100 grams of cocaine. Now I’d say 100 grams of gold.

(This is a perfect example of how lousy the metric system is. 100 grams of anything is really nothing. 100 ounces? Now you’re talking!)

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100 grams of Dilithium (It is a precious crystal used in tactical warp drives for Star Trek) !

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