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If you google "cast of X", with X being a movie starring Arnie, is it just me, or has Arnold Schwarzenegger been removed from all the search results?

Asked by ragingloli (50883points) 2 months ago

I tried Terminator, Terminator 2 and Predator so far, and he does not show up for any of them. What is happening?

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I mean, I just did a couple, and you seem to be right. Was he involved in some scandal or something? I don’t really follow celebrity news. IMHO, even if he were in some scandal, this is a stupid response, but I don’t know why else Google would do it.

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Something similar is happening with Jim Carrey, where while his picture shows up, his name is changed to Paul Giamatti.

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I just tried it and got about 29,000,000 results. Do you live in the Ukraine?

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I am talking about the result on the top, that shows the actors with their photos.

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If you go to and search for Arnold Schwarzenegger, his picture and a full filmography show up.

I see what you mean about searching the other way though. Maybe they make the assumption since his name is above the title in most, they don’t list him as in the cast?

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Maybe they just assume everyone knows what Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like.

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@ragingloli Yeah, as I said in my follow up comment, I see what you mean bu again I assume it means that they think everyone knows it’s his movie?

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This has a comment from someone that works at Google, though not in Search.

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I use DuckDuckGo for my searches & he & Linda Hamilton populated my screen.

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He shows up in the results of Eraser and True Lies.

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He is also listed in Twins, Total Recall, and Conan The Barbarian.

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He shows up directly to the left of Linda Hamilton when I look up The Terminator on both Google and Bing.

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I don’t think the top star would ever be left out of a cast list because supposedly everyone knows he’s in it. Stars are not modest like that. There has to be another reason. I’ve looked up plenty of casts and never seen an instance of this kind of omission with anyone.

Incidentally, most of the time when I see on here that someone mentions a celebrity that “everyone knows” about, it’s someone I’ve never heard of. So I wouldn’t assume anyone is universally known.

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