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According to you, who was a better actor in their hay days, Arnold or Sylvester Stallone?

Asked by PIN_24 (538points) June 22nd, 2018

Please justify your response based on:
– Type of movies selected
– Content of movies
– Acting skills
– Best dialogues
– Movie franchises created
– Audience approval
– Box office success

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Arnold, by far. Awfuly wooden in his beginning as Conan the Barbarian, he improved as he learned. He’s

Stallone was awful in Rocky and just kept getting worse.

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I’m old enough that Arnold was first in line & I watched him grow as an actor over the years. His genre of movies weren’t my favorite; but, I did enjoy the ones that I watched!!!

With Stallone, he never quite engaged me into enjoying his movies. Sadly, his later movies didn’t seem to improve much from his first movies; so, I never noticed the growth with Stallone that I did with Arnold. Over the Top was the only Stallone movie that I even enjoyed & it wasn’t his acting ability that made the movie enjoyable!!!

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Arnold for me. Best quotes ever.

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Must be Sylvester Stallone because I’ve never heard of Arnold Stallone.

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@kritiper It’s Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. With that last name, it’s just easier to say Arnold!!!

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Arnold seemed much more lively. So, him.
Kind of like the difference between The Rock and Vin Diesel.
Neither are good actors, but one of them has a certain charm, the other does not.

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Arnold for me. He had different movies like Kindergarten Cop, True Lies, Twins that showed versatility away from just the action movies he played in.
I think with Sylvester, I got tired of him in his Rocky movies and felt he was stuck in portraying that type of character.

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The question asks who is a better actor.
Stallone was remarkably good in the first Rocky and First Blood. The sequels are terrible, and unfairly demean the original films.
Arnold plays one character. He does that well, but it doesn’t show any acting range.

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I would have said Arnold, hands down, until I heard that Stallone wrote the ending scene of Rambo. That one scene is better than the best of both of their works combined.

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@gorillapaws You might sway people with that for those who aren’t aware of Arnold’s finest work. This one scene is better than that Rambo scene and all of their best works combined.

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@Kropotkin Haha that was hilarious.

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Sorry all! Couldn’t resist! I knew who Arnold was…
...and who else could play Conan??

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I can’t answer the question. The thing distinguishing the work of both men is that the work they put out has next to nothing to do with acting. All of their movies would be fine with either man playing the lead.

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And Arnold is fine all by itself. I can’t spell Schwarzenegger either.

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(tee hee!)

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I watched a whole movie “Wonder woman” and @rebbel is still crafting a response. Must be something interesting.

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Nah, he just died from a heart attack and his lifeless head is laying on the keyboard.

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Heyday. It means their prime, or their time of greatest success. Nothing to do with hay.

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I like both of them not for acting but for action. Predator is one of my favourite movies so I would say Arnold.

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Arnold. He actually plays some funny parts!

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He just wanted a Turboman doll.

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I need to rephrase the OP’s question. “According to you, who was a less dreadful and cringe-worthy actor…”

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Still Arnold.

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THE IMMIGRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think Arnold did some very good work.
He often lands cheezy parts, but Arnold does cheezy quite well.
He did a great job in Junior, even though he couldn’t pronounce the title.
I liked him in Eraser, and The Sixth Day.
He does show some versatility.
He pulls humor much better than Sly.
He is no Johnny Depp, but he is definitely more watchable than 42 revisits to the boxing ring.
The one thing Sly did which really grabbed me was hiding in the mud, and then his eyes open, and it’s like WTH they totally got me on that one. That was all about writer creativity, and makeup artistry.
His acting is stiff and hits high on the yawn meter.
“I’ll be back” is quoteable. “He drew first blood” is forgettable.

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Stallone does not have any quotable lines, because he does not know how to speak properly.

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Might as well ask which testicle you’d rather be punched in.

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^Sometimes one is favored over the other.

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I’ll go with Sly, but I have to add that I never much cared for Ahnold.

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Stallone because of the first Rocky which he wrote also.

Best acting Arnold ever did was in Predator.

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I liked Arnie in True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis & in Last Stand. Neither were super fantastic; but both entertained me. Only Sly movie I liked was Over the Top & it was lame.The Rockie movies just didn’t trip my trigger!!!

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It was done better in “Real Steel”, starring Wolverine.
It is about Robot Boxing.

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