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What are some vocabulary errors that you have made as a child?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24660points) December 11th, 2022

I thought that well done was done well, when regarding beef.
I didn’t know that Old Spice was cooking spice.
I thought that Brute was made from elk pee.
You don’t want to know what I thought what labor day was

Share your experiences.
Humor welcome.

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I definitely had some of these. The struggle here will be trying to remember them.

I remember thinking than Minnesota was Mini-soda, and could not understand how my cousins lived in such a place. I envisioned a state with lots of soda factories for Coke and Pepsi.

Uuuummmmm….that’s the only one I can remember right now. Maybe I’ll update this if any occur to me later.

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@Entropy I thought that Pensacola Florida was the origin of Pepsi. Turns out that I might be right.

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Old Spice isn’t a cooking spice, it’s a scent for male aftershaves, deodorants and antiperspirants, shampoos, body washes, and soaps.

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@smudges The smell is of old spice that went over my head.

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I thought Pennsylvania was pencil-vania. My father always carried a mechanical pencil in his shirt pocket, the kind with the little clasp that hooks onto the pocket. So that was the pencil, and obviously the little clasp was the vania. Even now, it’s hard for me to see a mechanical pencil without thinking of that.

I also thought he brought home a celery. He brought home all the other groceries too, so I didn’t know what made that one special.

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I had trouble understanding the Lord’s Prayer. It starts out, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Why wouldn’t I want God?

I also had a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance. When it speaks of “one nation under God, indivisible…”, I figured that indivisible was just another way of saying invisible, which meant that you can’t see God, which seemed to be irrelevant to the rest of the pledge.

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Funny story – although not med, one of my daughters.

Where we used to live, there was a dry cleaner’s shop – and there was a sign – big letters that said: Tailor – Alterations.

My sweet daughter – maybe 6–7 at the time – asked me “Why does it say Alliterations over there? (She knew what alliterations were because she was an insatiable reader)

I had to explain the difference, but got a great laugh from her misreading.

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Gosh. Following while I think….

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During roll call in primary school, we had to shout out “present” when our name was called. I didn’t understand why or who was to get the present.

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I was absolutely certain that ‘are’ was spelt ‘ar’ and when the teacher pointed it out i said ‘Are you sure tho?’ That was funny! – then realising the teacher was right all along lol.

My dad when he was a kid used to think huge was pronounced ‘huggy’ lol!!!

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My errors occurred when I read a word over and over but never heard it pronounced. I’d screw up when I tried to pronounce it for the first time.

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When I was a kid, I had a classmate that, when reading Dick, Jane and Spot, read that the cat’s name was PUFF-FF because there were 2 “F’s”

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I pronounce “mature” as “machure.” Out of the blue, when I was a teenager, my mom started pronouncing it as “ma ture”. I didn’t know what to do. It sounded so wrong and so pretentious.

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Christopher Lloyd mispronounced Gigawatts as Jigawats in the Back to the Future trilogy. So I did too till highschool.

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Vocabulary errors I made as a child I still make probably everyday. Thank God for my checkers, they help make me look a little bit better then I really am.

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