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Were can i get free music for my mp3 player?

Asked by raceboy (7points) September 21st, 2008

i need more songs for my mp3 online??

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You could try a net label which are particulaly good for electronic music.

Vincentt's avatar is awesome. There’s also some free music on

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Oh sorry, ain’t downloadable. I thought they advertised with that. Sorry!

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i get some songs from myspace.. you can search for an artist and then go to the playlist .. on the bottom of the song it says ADD .. DOWNLOAD.. etc.. you just download it for freeeeeeee.. or. you can get them from youtube.. i download youtube videos for my ipod and then i convert them in to songs using my garage band i have on my mac.. pretty easy.. all i use is itunes.. garage band and a program called isquint.

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Anything above is good, or alternatively you could visit individualofficial band sites, MANY many artists have some free songs for download.

Or you could go hard or go home and hit up them torrents. Which of course, is not legal.

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@klaas4 – still is downloadable. I remember having downloaded Trance Wave from that a long, long time ago, and it’s still possible.

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