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What’s your opinion on this music?

Asked by rockfan (14598points) December 24th, 2022 from iPhone

I’m a huge fan of Anthony Fantano, AKA The Needle Drop, because of his in depth music reviews and interviews. But when I listen to this playlist of music that he liked most in 2022, it almost feels like I’m in an alternate universe. Personally, I think these songs are truly awful.

What do you think of this music? How long can you listen to it without turning it off? Or do you genuinely enjoy it? And why?

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The perfect blend of cacophonic and bland. Some are tolerable, at least.
I prefer things like this, this and this. Or this

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Listening to this music may give me a seizure so…it’s a hard NO for me! :(

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I made it the first 10 seconds & I thought I was being a sissy for stopping. Seems like I’m NOT as sissy as I thought!!!

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Typical hardcore punk fan playlist. Some of it is ok. The electronica is terrible. I’m not a punk fan but I get the catharsis vibe. IMO this is a playlist of a hipster trying to show off their obscure music knowledge and not being very convincing about it. This person is clearly not a musician but would really like to be one, has tried to be one but can’t “make music.” I know so many people like this and they all would have a playlist just like we have here. I know two specifically, and they both work at record labels.

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To be fair, I’m sure a lot of people hate the music I like just as much:

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@rockfan Your playlist shows an understanding and appreciation of music. I’m surprised to learn about this needle drop guy being a prolific music critic. I think he sucks at it with a passing glance. To be fair also, People would hate my playlist too.

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Different strokes for different folks. (Cue rim shot.)

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Music is sound but only good sound is music.
That’s not music. That’s noise.
I think that I lasted 2 or 3 seconds.

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@Blackwater_Park Anthony Fantano is famous for being contrarian. He’ll rave about music that’s all noise and screaming, but then he’ll nitpick a mainstream song to death for the production sounding “slightly off”.

I still appreciate his reviews though. I’ve discovered a lot of great artists because of his channel.

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Basically, I LOVE all music with a few exception!!! I used to say I could listen to anything except Opera & Rap. Then I was introduced to Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli & I took Opera off the list. Then a friend who loved Rap, played something that wasn’t that bad & I took Rap off the list. I’m finding a LOT of new music that doesn’t excite me, but I usually try to listen until I can find the sweet spot. I’m not sure if what I listened to was ever going to have a sweet spot!!! @gondwanalon is correct…Music is sound but only good sound is music. That’s not music. That’s noise. I know that everyone has their own style/preference & I don’t expect everyone to love what I’m listening to. I find my music to be very “personal & private” & I do my best to keep it that way!!! I was NEVER one to turn my stereo on “blast” & then open all my doors & windows!!!

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At the 5 second mark I had had enough.

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I had heard enough around 3 sec, I had had enough at the 5 sec mark, & I could take NO more at the 10 sec mark. I kept hoping that the sweet spot would show up…nope!!!

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Annoying noise.

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That isn’t music. There’s a lot of crashing drums and occasionally a beat of some sort.

I can tell there is somebody screaming, and occasionally I pick up a few phrases. It sounds like their voice hurts.

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I wish that song wasn’t the first track, considering there are more alternative songs on the playlist that are weird, but not as abrasively annoying

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Black Dresses
Not the biggest fan of this particular track. But I do find other tracks by same artist kind of interesting, like industrial meets quasi euro pop.

Otoboke Beaver
I actually kind of dig this. Adding the artist to my Spotify list to check out later.

I like grindcore. But this feels kind of meh. Their album cover is more interesting than their music.

Funny as an inside joke if you’re in middle school. Musically not very interesting.

Petrol Girls and OFF!
Love punk. So much better punk out there to listen to. Makes me wonder if he knows these bands personally and are just trying to promote friends. Because they’re kind of unmemorable otherwise.

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