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What are ways to send money internationally?

Asked by zina (1661points) August 7th, 2007

We need send about $150 to someone in Hungary. We don't want to pay $30 for the wire transfer or similar options. If we send a cashier's check, are they accepted by foreign banks? Money order looks like about $3-10 fee, and accepted most places around the world. What about just cash in the mail? Can you do that?

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If you know the banking institution and the account number of the person to whom you wish to transfer money, simply make a request to your bank to transfer money directly into the person's account. In Europe, this is standard and you can do it online, in the states, it may require a personal visit to your bank.

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yes, we have the bank and account info, but it's $30 to do that. other ideas?

we just had the idea of getting a visa card from Safeway (you can add any amount), mail it, and our friend can withdraw the money at any international ATM. it would cost about $10 plus a few in postage.

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wow, good idea. how does it work sending to individuals? and cost?

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Just send cash, rapped in a solid 8.5 by 11 piece of paper, stuffed in a letter envelope, Registered through USPS. Registered Mail is a secure method of sending items over seas, for every person that handles it must sign for it. Though if you can find an electronic method that is cheap and quick, that would be just as good, for the mail is not the quickest.

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No charge to send using Paypal. Check out the website, it has a good Q & A. Forgive me extolsmith, but I wouldn't put cash anywhere other than in the bank.

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Hi Gavel, I like your paypal idea. How do you move money from paypal into a credit card or a bank so a person can use it in the Real World?

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Hi Helena. The process is very straightforward and you can send cash to anyone with an email account. But it's late and I'm bushed. Check out the website at - it's explained in full there.

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Goodnight Gavel.

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PayPal. Gavel is right. However, it won’t reach several countries with nefarious reputations. For those, you’ll need to use one of the more old-fashioned, perhaps insured, banking services to wire money.

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I have lots of experience. i mail USA cash all the time all over the world. i have only lost it about twice. and they were stolen by the post office (one was even INSURED and they stole it). but you have to REALLY trust whoever you are mailing it to.

99.9% of the time money makes it fine. but you MUST never send coins! and you must wrap the money up in a few pieces of paper and mail in a LONG envelope. so that it looks like a business document.

sadly many countries do charge to cash a money order EXCEPT most place do NOT charge for cashing postal orders. the best i find are gettting POSTAL ORDERS from your post office. post offices seem to have an easier time talking to each other than banks.

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