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Have you lost any data recently due to technical problems?

Asked by flutherother (33453points) 1 week ago

I back everything up in case my hard drive crashes or a file becomes corrupted but this almost never seems to happen. How secure is our data?

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Computers these days are pretty reliable. That said, a single near field lightning strike will still take out most of what you have so keep backing up your data

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I have lost enough pictures and missives over the last 20 years to be careful about backing things up over several devices.

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Just last Wednesday I lost four word documents, I was attaching them to an email, highlighted the four files and thought I had clicked on “open”; and then they were gone. I tried everything to find them, but no luck. Fortunately I had earlier drafts so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

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I haven’t had to resort to backups in a long time, but I do keep them, because it stinks to lose data.

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@zenvelo If you lose word documents you can retrieve them by opening a new Word document, clicking the Info tab then going to Manage Document where recent unsaved documents can be found. It works with Word 2019 at least.

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