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What's going on with Fluther?

Asked by asmonet (21415points) September 21st, 2008

I was just logged out and now no one’s avatars are loading, is this a problem only for me? Does this happen sometimes?

I’ve only really been here two days, I dunno the quirks of the site yet. Hopefully, I’m not broken.

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I suspect that your computer/connection may be made of fail. :(
No problems here.

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*Reboot. * It’s not a Fluther thing.
My husband’s an IT guy, and his first solution to all problems is Reboot.

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Frontier had DSL outages in my area on Sunday Evening. Other thank That I have been able to get online and see avatars without a glitch.

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Yep, I’m ok. Rebooting should be the answer to everything in life!

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@Nimis: Glad to see it’ s catching on. ;-)

Thank you everyone, turns out it was my own fault. I got a little too enthusiastic on Fluther and had about 60 tabs open in Firefox. Even my beast of a computer knows when to give me a hint to slow the hell down. :)

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@as; that’s not enthusiasm; that’s addiction. (Hi, I’m Gail and I’m a fluther addict.)

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[whistles] Whoowhee….look at dem digits!
Congrats, Gail. =)

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Oh, I think my lurve states for a fact that I’m addicted. Two active days and look. I’m everywhere!

hold me

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