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What is this movie called?

Asked by Hammerhergently (1points) September 22nd, 2008

it’s basically a cop movie. It starts off with a police unit accidentally gunning down a criminal who turns out to be a sibling of the town mafia or some other big shot. So the mafia goes after each of the cops responsible and kills em all. The last one left is the main hero who is rushing his family to safety when the mafia shows up and rams his car off the road with a huge truck. His family dies but he survives,so he goes back and avenges his family and police partners by killing mafia boss’s siblings the same way his family/friends were killed. In one scene he drives up to a car and tosses few grenades through the window killing the mafia member that way(this is how one of his police partners died)

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It sounds more like a typical week in New Jersey, than a movie, but I’ll work on it, and get back to you…

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it’s not the punisher, it’s not death sentence, uhm, what year is the movie from ? aprox?

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This one really has me puzzled, for sure. My normal methods of looking up a movie synopsis, aren’t working at all…

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who’s in the movie, what year is it from??

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This is classic, we need more info!

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It sounds similar to The Punisher.

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is it any of the death wish movies?

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The protagonist in those movies was not a police officer, nor a former police officer, and did not (so far as I can recall) “go after” any Mafia types.

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it’s not the punisher for sure. It is somewhat of an old movie. I saw it approx 6–8 years ago. Can’t remember any of the actors unfortunetaly

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I can describe some of the scenes though. The scene where his family gets killed he is driving a jeep up a mountain road when the mafia shows up with a truck. They even momentarily question whether they should ram the car since there are kids in it. The wife keeps telling the kids to put their heads down. When the cAr gets rammed the cop goes into coma and his friend has to tell him about his family

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Let’s try to narrow it down:

Was the movie in black and white, or color?

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My Guess:

Hard to Kill (1990)
‘Nico’s back and this time he’s even more harder to kill.’

The plot involves some bad dudes killing his wife and nearly him as he goes into a coma. However once he comes out of the coma he hunts down his wife’s killers and snaps all their necks like so many discarded chicken bones.

It’s Steven Segal’s second movie I think.

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it’s color and pretty modern. I’d say late 90’s. Oh and the husband doesn’t kill the wife.
Here’s another thing I just remembered…in the beginning of the movie the criminal was involved in a robbery and when the police unit surrounds him, he tries to give up but the cops think he is pulling out a gun and shoot him down. Then they take off his mask and one of em says, “shit, he’s just a kid.”

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It probably isn’t Hard To Kill, because there is no scene where the hero throws a live grenade into a Mafioso’s car, and the Mafia isn’t mentioned at all, in that movie.

That movie is about a corrupt politician who is overheard (and videotaped) by a police officer, then hides the videotape and camera inside the walls of his house, so the bad guys cannot find it.

But, the hero DID go into a coma, that’s for sure.

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Yea, I’m grasping at straws here. I found the wiki after I posted that and it laid out an in depth plot description for me. I’ll keep looking.

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RichardHenry should know.

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the steel driving man?

Doh, that was John Henry. Just looked it up.

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Richardhenry is one of the moderators here. He has a movie review website.

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