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Has there been a president that lost an election due to their running mate?

Asked by chyna (50541points) 1 month ago

I mean that the public so knowingly disliked or disregarded the running mate, that the presidential candidate lost the election?
This question here inspired this question.

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I really onlyi know about the most recent decades – I don’t know much about what happened in the early part of the 1900s or the 1800s. In recent decades, I feel (just my opinion) that Sarah Palin really hurt John McCain’s campaign. I remember when the announcement came out about who his running mate would be, it was like “who?” Most people had never heard of Sarah Palin from Alaska. Then I saw her speak at the Republican Convention on TV, and she did really well, made a good impression. I’m not a Republican but I did watch that part to hear what she had to say. Then, after that, it turned out she seemed not to have a brain in her head. She didn’t know much about much, couldn’t answer reporters’ questions, said she c ould see Russia from her porch – it was just stupid. John McCain was a POW and really was a great guy, but he chose badly when he chose her.

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McCain – Sarah Palin

Humphrey – Eagleton (Eagleton had psychological issues and had some electric shock treatment which was used to smear him.)

George Wallace – Curtis LeMay. Wallace (the bigot) was going to lose anyway, but LeMay was an ex-airforce general (or higher) who was a complete warmonger. People were afraid of him.

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First one I thought of was McCain.

I remember my aunt couldn’t believe Bush won with Quail as is running mate, but I guess the Republicans liked him enough.

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Tina Fey single-handedly destroyed Palin.

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At the time, my plan was to vote for McCain. His people convinced him that he needed Palin mainly because she would bring in the female vote. Boy was that a HUGE mistake!!! Within the first week or 2, my plans changed completely & he lost my support!!!

With Bush/Quail…the joke around town was that Bush chose Quail because he felt confident that nobody would be shooting at him because nobody wanted Quail to replace him.

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@gondwanalon “Tina Fey single-handedly destroyed Palin.”

I’d say it was Katie Couric with her “goctcha” question:

”...what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this—to stay informed and to understand the world?” (source)

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@gorillapaws I think that that interview gave the comedians inspiration for their relentless humor.

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I agree with Sarah Palin.

Hillary Clinton didn’t do herself any favors by choosing white toast Tim Kaine.

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McGovern/Eagleton suffered from the breaking news about Eagleton having electro shock therapy. He was then replaced with Sargent Shriver, but the damage was done, though I suspect McGovern would have lost regardless.

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The above posts list some bad running mates, but honestly, did any of them LOSE the election for the top of the ticket? I doubt it.

Nobody was going to beat Obama. I could run LITERAL JESUS against Obama and he’d have lost. Obama was practically the perfect candidate. Palin wasn’t a good running mate, but she wasn’t the reason McCain lost.

I think VP candidates just don’t move the needle that much. They can hurt a bit or help a bit…but only so much. And most races aren’t really that close, and few swing voters are going to base their decisions on the VP. Like Adams said of the job: ”...the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.” And I think the voters mostly understand that.

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At that time, I was on the fence between Obama and McCain. Sarah Palin tipped my vote to Obama.

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MaCain / Palin

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Sarah Palin.

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