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Since gas prices started going sky high, do you drive the same or less than you used to?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22486points) 1 month ago

I know we have to drive to work and so on, but pleasure driving, like spur of the moment let’s go visit so and so type thing?

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Prices came back down here. Not there?

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Gas prices are half of what they were here.
We drive less during high price times.
Keep in mind that we are retired, so we don’t have required distances to drive.

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Gas prices have come down a little but a damn little we still pay $6.47 for a us gallon here.
That is a $1.66 a litre.
Oh and we do drive less now.

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I have been in my bunker since early 2020, and only sporadically use public transport. I do not even have a licence.
Besides, in May 2023, the government is slated to introduce a 49€ public transport (train, tram, bus) ticket, enabling transport through the entire country.

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Gas is only $3.39 here, so it’s not a big deal. Also, I have a Camry Hybrid and am retired so I only fill up about every 2 months.

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Gas is back to around $3.50 here as opposed to the almost $5.50 it was in June, but it’s still about a dollar more per gallon than it was just a few years ago. I’m definitely aware of it, but my goal is to live very close to where I work so I can bike there. Lately I’ve been biking a lot more than I used to (not just for money reasons).

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Yep. Not much you can do so, whatever. Will drive whenever I want not worrying about it at all. Get gas at Speedway, never pay much attention to the price.

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I don’t drive myself but “we” drive the same. If we need to go somewhere we go.

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Since I retired in 2015, I’ve been driving an average of 20 miles per day. My 2017 Ford F-150 (6 cylinder, 3.5 L, automatic) gets 19 mpg. I drive mostly to canoe workouts and races (up and down the PNW from Oregon to Canada).

So even if the gas price gets up to $20 per gallon, I’m not going to decrease my driving.

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The same. I only drive if I have to, and try to limit my driving to reduce emissions for the welfare of the planet.

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I mean, this question is several months late. Gas prices have eased pretty substantially. Still high-ish, but well below what they were.

Even at the peak though, gas prices didn’t really affect me. I work in IT, I make good enough money that I can afford it if I have to. But I don’t drive a ton anyway. Since covid, I don’t commute anymore. My project went full telework and never went back. And that’s where most people’s gas budget goes.

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They’re often below or hovering around $3/gal here. That’s not keeping too many from driving. I drive less in general now though going to this hybrid work thing. If I travel, it’s not on my dime now.

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I almost always try to run errands so I use less time and gas. When prices are over $3 I do sometimes calculate in my head how much a trip is costing and adjust here and there, but it’s minor changes.

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Gas has risen slightly in the past few weeks. It was previously under 3 dollars at my local Costco, and just the other day I paid 3.11 per gallon for regular, so nothing crazy as far as an increase. I try to consolidate a few errands at each time I go out, instead of one errand per day, but other than that, if I need to go somewhere or I want to go somewhere, I can’t think about it too much. Life is short, and I have to do what I have to do.

My car is a 2015, so if anything, I’m more into not putting too much mileage on it so I can postpone needing to buy a new one as long as possible. I retired a year and a half ago so that saves a whole lot. I was previously commuting about 40–50 miles each way per day, so 80 to 100 total per day. Now, it’s mostly around town and shopping that I’m doing.

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I drive the same which is not al all.

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I haven’t driven squat since Covid started. No commute to the train, no commute when I miss the train.
I went from filling my tank once every 3 days to once every 2–3 weeks.

Pleasure drives are still there. Pricey, but I still do them.

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^^ My god what do you drive? A Bagger 288? Filling up every 3 days?

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@smudges Some years ago I had a Geo Tracker. Had like an 8 gallon tank and got 16 mpg, so was at gas station filling up every 3 days or so driving normal; really no more than I drive today. That truck was fun but costly.

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^^ Wow! I had no idea they made gas tanks that small. LOL

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@Acrylic A Geo Tracker should be getting a lot better economy than 16MPG.
There is a lot of full size trucks that get a lot better MPG.

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@smudges LOL!! I looked that up ( Bagger 288) and I’m still laughing! :D He could be driving NASA’s Crawler-Transporter.

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^^ LMAO I know right?!

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@smudges My Bagger 288 has been out on loan to Johnny Blaze.
Pre Covid I put on a ton of mileage. Jeep Wranglers have a 17gallon tank and I drove quite a bit for my commute. Now its all pleasure driving.

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^^ LOL Johnny Blaze! :D

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