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How much are general items Martha's Vineyard?

Asked by cricketonastick (198points) May 31st, 2009

I’m moving up there for the summer, and was wondering how much different the prices are from PA. i.e., gas, toilet paper, food, etc…

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Everything is going to be more expensive because it’s an island, so all goods have to be brought in from the mainland. Food will probably not be all that much more, but you can probably expect to pay way more for gas and sundries. Good luck!

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At least going to the doctor and the dentist are cheaper on Martha’s Vineyard than in Boston.

When I was last there we saved some money by riding bicycles instead of driving cars, and bringing a lot of canned goods with us. However, we also had no hot water, which is something I hardly recommend, and we lived in tents, so no reading after dark.

But it was quite beautiful.

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Let me put it this way – there’s a good reason that Martha’s Vineyard has a reputation for being the playground of the rich, and it has to do with the cost of things there.

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@all the deal Is that I am going to live with my grandma, so I don’t have to pay for housing, electricity, only food and gas (if I bring my car). Just wondering how much groceries are primarily. @mamradpivo, the gas prices really help!

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