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Latin experts, what are they singing in this piece of music?

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I think we need Demosthenes. (Watching for his return under a new name, #5 at least.)

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It’s untranslatable from the actual lyrics – Because it’s really shitty latin. Basically jibberish.

One more sign that latin isn’t just dead, the corpse is being desecrated by ignorant writers who want create a “feeling” with no real substance. The perfect style for someone churning out second rate online games.

The only way to get even slightly close to what this jumble means is to look at scratch notes the “artist” wrote in english before he mucked it up with stupid psuedo latin :

“Oh, loss disastrous!

Thou art fatigued and exhausted.

This man, close to pale death – no one shall harvest his bread.

No one.


Go figure 0_o

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I think it’s trying to take the vibe of Mozart’s Lacrimosa, too. Should stick with that.

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