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What would it take for you to move away from where you live now?

Asked by Jeruba (55825points) February 2nd, 2023

Not much? $50/week more in your paycheck?

A lot? Volcanic eruption?

Boredom? nasty neighbor? climate? parents or kids?

Or do you plan to stay put no matter what?

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Being able to go to university. I would love to live in my little dorm room again for $300 for rent and $300 for excellent food.

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My brother would have to die. I’m not moving away from him while he is still living.

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When I lived on the Big Island, a volcanic eruption was not out of the question. These days, it will take retirement. If I can figure it out, I’m staying here.

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We just moved here last year, hoping to be our retirement home. All that would have to happen is for my art to catch on in Australia. Aside from that, no more house buying for us, two times were plenty enough.

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My daughter has a few years of high school left. After that, after college, if she moved somewhere else then I’d consider moving there, if I could afford it. It depends on a lot of things – what she’s doing, what I could afford, and my health and other circumstances. Right now I have no intention of moving at all. I live in a really nice spot, very safe, in a rural setting, but yet about a minute from a major highway, minutes from great shopping and restaurants, a great mall, an hour to Yale if I needed great health care, other than what’s in my area, and an hour and a half to two hours by car or train to NYC. My only problem with where I live now is that my house is small.

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Winning the lottery !

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I have brand new next door neighbors, and I have been seeing them moving in for days. Their industry exhausted me, just watching. If I ever have to move again, I will use the Napalm Method of prepping, and find a tiny room with a bed.
Hoping to leave this house feet first.

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For my sister to move to a city/state that I wouldn’t mind living in. Right now she’s in Houston, and that’s a big no-go for me. But I’d love to live within at least 100 miles of her.

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My neighborhood is changing to be more of a summer home for rich New Yorkers area so that makes me think of relocating. But I love my house and some of the neighbors who are still here. I might have thought of moving to California but climate change and family issues preclude that.

I expect I’ll stay in New Jersey and hope I know when it’s time to move to an assisted living place.

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I would have to change my mind about living here. My wife and I love it here. Our house is in the woods in the PNW. Wonderful quality of life.

If my wife died then I would move away. I don’t know where but it could be about anywhere.

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@canidmajor: I always say the next time I move, I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. I have so much stuff – stuff in the attic, stuff in the basement. I have stuff in the basement in plastic containers which were never unpacked from when I moved here 22 years ago. It’s very nicely lined up in the basement and I have some idea of what’s in there. I also have a lot of clothes in containers in the basement. In the attic, books, kitchen stuff, ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

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^^ Just never move again! Problem solved! :)

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My husband took a job two hours away, so I’ll be there a lot, but I just can’t bring myself to completely leave where I live now, I love it. It annoys my husband, but I feel he is being obstinate about wanting to dislike it here.

I think the only thing that would make me move is maybe if I became very ill where possibly my husband would insist we be in one city.

Another possibility would be if my husband passed away (God forbid) and I was ill, if being near my sister became more practical, but I don’t even want to think about it.

I guess if some of my best friends where I live died I would feel less attached, even though part of the attachment is all the fun I have here even unrelated to my closest friends. I need to make some new younger friends.

As I get older I think it’s important to set up people who care enough to check on you. Family is usually the most obvious, but in lieu of that, friends who care enough to make sure you are not alone, especially during some sort of crisis. Being near to those people seems to me would be important, but balancing that with liking where I live.

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Not much. Gonna be 30 below tonight.

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We are talking about selling our house, and moving back to the Bay Area, pooling our money with my son’s, so his family can have a bigger place to live.
Having a multiple generational house is an exciting idea, but I am worried with little kids in the house, my quiet retirement is over.

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I love the Bay Area. But I think once the kids are grown and out of the house, it’d be cool to experience living in other places.

Life is short.
The world is big.

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We will stay until his mom passes and go from there. We both swore to be here for them in their golden years since everyone else moved away.

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Just thinking that if things stay the same in the US regarding health care and elder care, I would consider moving to independent living with the ability to step up to assisted care if I wind up alone. I’d look at the places in the city where I live though. If you are already living in the independent living then when you start to need care you are prioritized over people trying to get in to assisted care who don’t already live there. Hopefully, that is at least 15 years off for me.

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I have lived in the town where I am now for 34 years. I lived here when my kids were born and they were raised here and it is their home town. But it is an expensive place to live, and I have begun to consider moving in the next couple years.

My girlfriend has a house in Santa Fe NM. A nice affordable place to live, but a long way from family and friends. I have a close friend who lives in Ukiah CA, I have considered moving there as it too is affordable.

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When my family no longer needs me I will probably move to the northern part of my state. I like the state but don’t like the heat here in the south of it.

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I would have to have enough money to buy a multifamily home on a beach somewhere. My son and his family like living near us, and his MIL would need to be nearby as well.

We will own the home we live in now free and clear by the end of the year, so we’re pretty well set.

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