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Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl LVII?

Asked by RayaHope (7297points) 1 month ago

My big brother is all about this and can’t even wait. I’m like meh! I may watch the halftime show, Rihanna is the headliner might have Shakira too :)

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I am, but I’ll start surfin’ channels if there are a lot of injuries or the game’s a blowout.

If I do stray from the Supper Bowl, I’ll make a point to come back for halftime. :)
I’d love to see Shak do a duet with The Only Girl in the World! ;-D
Didn’t Shakira do a video collab with Beyonce titled “Hips Don’t Lie”? ;p

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I do not watch the sportsball.

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Nope. We quit watching sports on TV around here.

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Probably if I’m not working.

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I will watch. It boggles my mind why someone would watch for the halftime shows. They’re always terrible. It’s bad enough that so many performers aren’t very good live, but then on top of that they do this awful medley of their hits and some extra person’s and then there’s just a bunch of weirdos in costumes dancing badly. The only good one was left shark.

I can definitely understand watching for the commercials though. At least…I used to. Last decade or so the commercials aren’t as funny as they used to be. Feels like the ad-men have forgotten WHY people pay attention to these ads. It’s not so you can tell us about your charitable programs that you are investing 0.00001% of your revenues in.

But I watch because I legit like football. It’s the one sport I really enjoy watching.

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Mebbe. Mostly I watch the instant replays and the commercials.

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Nope. I watch almost zero football in recent years.

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A resounding NO here! I got rid of that hole in the head when I divorced my hubbies and my brother didn’t come over anymore! Jeez I hated that day! Beer, yelling at the TV, snacks, more beer, more yelling, TV up loud, more snacks, more beer, bored out of my mind, more beer beer BEER! Thanks to the men in my past life, I pretty much hate all sports except the Olympics, and definitely all pro sports!

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The only sports I enjoy watching are figure skating and gymnastics, so I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. I will probably tune into The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet though.

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I’m not watching it but I’ll be listening to it on the radio while I do yard work or chopping wood.
I won’t want to waste time watching professional football. It’s all about money and entertainment. I think it’s fixed like professional wrestling and roller derby.


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Of course, the Chiefs are my team!! Andy has beat his old team, Eagles, 6 times so we’re pretty confident.

@entropy Most women here are not taught about the intricacies or rules of ootball, so it’s only natural they can’t enjoy the play action.

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Not my thing. I’ve never even been to a Superbowl Party even though I would love the food.

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@Entropy ” The only good one was left shark” LOL!

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Yes. But it won’t be the highlight of my day. Or existence. I’m not into sports.

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Negative. I do not support the NFL in any way.

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Only for the commercials and an excuse to make Super Bowl appetizers. I’m not interested in either team and will likely be grading student work at the same time.

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Please go easy on those students @cookieman :)

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My friends host a super bowl party every year, and that’s the only reason I watch it.

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I’m one of the few NFL footballs fans on this site. American football is my favorite sport to watch. I also don’t mind throwing and catching the ball. I play fantasy football as well with some former Fluther members.

I’ll be watching for the game, not the halftime show or commercials.

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I will watch it, not sure where. I got an invite from an old college buddy last night that hi wife is making some chili and inviting everyone to watch at his house.

I would be much more interested if the 49ers had won the NFC championship. I can’t stand the Eagles, and Mahomes is great but not my homie.

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My biggest Super Bowl interest this year is seeing if M&M’s does something with “Ma&Yas”; the whole replacing the M&M characters with Maya Rudolph after some snowflake conservatives got butt hurt over cartoon characters.

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@zenvelo It pisses me off greatly that Mars caved to Tucker Carlson. And even more so that the College Board caved to DeSanctimonious and changed the AP Black History course.

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OMG @KNOWITALL! Is that you in the picture? You’re a girl!! (kidding, I knew that hehe) You’re beautiful, lady! Re-Welcome to fluther!

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@smudges Just had to represent in my jersey for a week haha! Thx.

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^^ Love it!

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I’ll be rooting for KC. I’m a Broncos fan so I’m sticking with the AFC West.

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@Jonsblond Yay! Only a few more days!!!

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Guess I’ll be rooting for KC too. Because I can’t stand the Eagles and my Cowboys are snake bit as usual. : (

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@NoMore Many of us were hoping for Cowboys vs Chiefs, but it sadly didn’t work out. A lot of crossover there.
Jerry Jones and his family moved to my area after 1960. I knew his mother and father when I worked in the closing dept at a title company in the 90’s.
They had a business in my small town for decades, called Buena Vista Animal Paradise. Lovely people.

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I will probably have it on in the background, for commercials and for the halftime show.

I just found out the halftime show is Rihanna.

I like to check out the commercials and the halftime show, at the very least so I can participate in discussions in the coming days about them.

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@KNOWITALL what’s on your menu?

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@Jonsblond We had meatloaf, wings, chicken gf tostada’s, etc…

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@KNOWITALL Yayyy for your team!!

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@smudges Yes good game! Eagles definately worked hard, the first half keeping Mahomes off the field was great strategy.

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