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How would you react if someone you were interested in dating said that they just want to be friends?

Asked by Acrylic (1787points) 1 month ago

This dude sued her for over 2 million dollars.

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What a huge ego.
She really dodged a bullet by not dating him.

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Disgusting. I’m surprised the case is even going to court.

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I sure hope this gets thrown out of court! This is ridiculous and the attorney should be fined for taking such an erroneous case. What nerve of this guy. smh geez!

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I would assume that that person didn’t want to be anything other than friends. So it would be time to disengage and look for another romantic interest.

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Be friends. Or not.

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I think it’s a stupid reason to sue someone but I always say you can sue for anything, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to win.

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What @kritiper said. Cringe.

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I hope she takes everything he owns in the countersuit.

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I would be relieved, and accept the friendship.

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“Chad, I’m actually very flattered that you find me so cute, and interesting, and lovely.
I must be honest though and tell you that I would love to be ‘just’ friends!”

-“Well, that’s totally unexpected and very belittling, I feel.
You have deliberately broke my heart…”

“Sue me!”

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Who gives a rats ass? Shit is rough all over. I can’t stand those shyster ass lawyers. Guess the nearest ambulance was moving too fast for him to chase. Talk about a ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit. That lawyer and his client both need to get a damn life .

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@NoMore Read the article. Your rather clichéed statement about attorneys who practice tort law is just silly.
This is happening 8n Singapore, where the statutes governing civil law are likely very different. Blaming lawyers for this kind of thing is dumb.

To answer the Q, here, no big deal. Maybe in Singapore the attitudes of the patriarch6 are much more so.

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Someone is nuts.

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