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Have you noticed something odd about the message list?

Asked by LostInParadise (31106points) 1 month ago

I got a notification that I had 2 new messages. When I entered the message area, it did not display in the usual way. There was just a row of numbers across the top. When I selected 1, the newest message, nothing happened. When I selected 2, I got a copy of the most recent of the previous messages. When I select any other number, I get the usual message display format as before, but starting with the selected message and not including any more recent messages. What’s going on?

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I’ve gotten several msgs today and haven’t noticed that. Maybe close your fluther window and then reopen it?

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When someone sends you a message, and then their account gets deleted, the number of new Messages for You still counts those messages, but they won’t be there for you to see, and they will also take up slots in the message display, but be missing, which makes it look weird sometimes.

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Yea. Something isn’t right.

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@KRD @Zaku explained it…if someone sends you a message, but then that person is deleted or banned, you’ll see that you got a message, but the message itself won’t be there.

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It happened to me too. I think some spammers sent messages to multiple users.

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Me too, one troll/bot/whatever even told he gave me lurves and called me “friend”. LOL

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@smudges At lest they want to give us lurve.

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^^ LOLOL Yup!

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